Close allowances problem!

Hello everybody! :slight_smile: I made a classic basic block with allowances. I need merge the upper part over the breast. Any idea I can do it? Thanks. The program is very interesting and well made but it would need some useful instructions and an updated manual.


We’re working on it.

You’re probably going to need to use the Rotation tool… which maybe @Grace would be better able to help with?

That being said, obviously if you close the shoulder dart, that fullness has to go somewhere like the waist dart. If you were to use the Rotation tool, and select points A3, P, I1, F, G2, f, and R1… then rotate around point R1 until A3_SomeNewPointSuffix meets S… you will have closed the shoulder dart and moved the fullness to the waist dart. Then when you create a pattern piece you would select the rotated points instead of the original ones.


:grinning: Thanks. I solved the problem, thank you very much :heart_eyes:

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