Color for points label

Would it be possible to provide a color option (especialy the “invisible” color) for points label just like for lines? I have often points that are just there for construction purpose and don’t need their label to be visible.

Thanks in advance. Laurent


You can group points you don’t need and make the group invisible. An eye icon in the operations tab.

It’s not perfect, because for some tools it hides the line defined by the same action as well, you will need to connect points again to see a line.

Speaking of colors, I would like the option to use different colors for initial curves and corresponding results of “rotate” and similar operations

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Oh, it just got into my head that you asked about “point labels” not “points” :sweat_smile:

I agree that it sounds like a good idea! Would make my work with arcs much faster

I don’t think the invisible color would be wise. If you don’t want to see them, I’d go with @Krolich’s advise, put them in a group & close the eye on the group. If they’re invisible, you’ll never be able to find them to edit them if necessary.

As to changing their colors, it would be wonderful if they were the same color as the lines they are attached to :slight_smile:

Grace, It is not the point that I don’t want to see but only its label :wink:


But if it’s only the letters that are invisible, not the little circles, then I see no problem. Oh and circles must be the color of the corresponding line of course

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Oh… Sorry :frowning: I didn’t pick up on that.

Yes, it would be nice to have a toggle on/off feature attached to the labels :slight_smile:

Something like in the details… Right click & menu pops up - Options & Delete - with added Label Off if the label is on or Label On if the label is off.

Perhaps a way to assign points & objects to different groups (e.g. ‘construction’, ‘curve control’, etc.) and set each group’s settings. (e.g. visibility, color, offset, label visibility, etc.)

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Even now I have up to three different colors in one group. Both having all objects in one group with the same settings or having more groups would be really inconvenient :thinking: