Convert Valentina pattern to Seamly pattern

Hi all,

I created a pattern in Valentina, which I can’t open in Seamly because of a versioning mismatch. I’m now updating the meta data using Notepad++, but I’m stuck, because I can’t identify everything, how to rename it. Does anyone have a mapping file? like Valentina draw = Seamly draftBlock, Valentina typeLine = Seamly lineType, etc. Currently I’m stuck at firstToCountour and lastToCountour.


Hello and welcome to the Seamly forum, @Marman

This is a line out of one of my patterns of a curve:

spline angle1=“AngleLine_B23_B20-90” angle2=“AngleLine_B22_B19+90” color=“black” id=“104” length1=“Line_B20_B19/3” length2=“Line_B20_B19/3” lineWeight=“0.7” penStyle=“solidLine” point1=“82” point4=“81” type=“simpleInteractive”/>

Perhaps you can make something out of it in changing your pattern.

If the Val pattern is version 0.6.3 or before you can still load it into Seamly. After that you’re not going to have much luck as there’s changes other than just the name. For ex: the “passmarks” in val are converted and implemented totally different as Seamly “notches”. That is, not only is the tag changed, so are the attributes. Also there may be features in Val that are not implemented in Seamly.

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Anyway, I did it! At least for the draft mode. I got my pattern open in Seamly! I got rid of the pieces and layout.

I also got rid of the part where the attributes firstToCountour and lastToCountour was used. At the first glance, it didn’t affect my pattern.

BR MarMan


:grinning: Very well done!!! @Marman

Hi @Marman, Job well done!

The < modeling > sections only apply to what’s in the < pieces >…so if the pieces are deleted, the modeling sections should go to.

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Hi Douglas,

Apologies for my late reply. I deleted the pieces in Valentina. Then synced the metadata in Notepad++, but both firstToCountour and lastToCountour were still there if I remember well.

Best regards, Marion

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