Crash on MaC

Actually @csett86 might help shed some light on whats in the error dialogs?


Make sure to use the latest update. We fixed font issues with the Mac ver, had a regression, and fixed it again.


Thanks for the screenshots, I will check and come back here


thx, I hope you will find the source for the problem


Hello Everybody I have to come Back with the problem on my Mac<Book. Enclosed you will find two more Screenshots

Showing the Version of my Operating System and of Seamly.

The problem still happens, I try to finish the Pattern Construktion for A business Shirt for a friend, but the System still crashes down, and a new Problem occurs this morning when Making the Drafts for Collar, Cuff, etc, normally a new draft block starts close to the last one, but today I had to find the new draft letter, the occur somewhere else, and the Letter for the Collar draft was exactle on the baseline of the draft before. And now I can open and close seamly but cant open the pattern for the shirt, I cant work at the moment. Thatt driives me crazy as I hae to finish the pattern cut the fabrig and make a shir until Thursday next week. As I cant wait I will do the Whole Pattern Construction by hand right now to finish . Believe me or not I get more and more angry with this program.

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If I understand correctly… you can move a draftblock that may be over lapping another by dragging the basepoint or editing the basepoint properties to move the cooridnates.


Or if you’re trying to find the base point (or any other point for that matter) you can Zoom by Point:




Take a deep breath…Try updating the app. You are using an older ver previous to some fixes for the MacOS.

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Since your answer to my problem I have taken many deep breath, I also did a complete Update to the last release as you can see Seamly2DCrasht.pdf (2,5 MB)

But seamly doesnt work without crashing since now. When I do a pattern construction the programm works slowlier and slowlier and than it crashes. Even if I reapen it the problem continues.

I also did some screenshots of the crash report.

maybe you find a sloution for that.

THx in advance


Hello, @H.Naehmann

Thank you very much for the screenshots, they will help hugely in finding the problem. I’m sure that @Douglas & @csett86 will be along shortly to attend to this.

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Thx for your answer and I’m looking forward to any kind of solution

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Hi @H.Naehmann I checked the screenshots, but unfortunately they are not pointing to any specific function so far, from what I could see. Could you share an example pattern where this is occurring, and in which mode (draft / piece) ? Thanks for helping with the debugging


I realized the problem, I have a Macbook air with M1 Processor from March 2020. When I start working with seamly, the Programm occupies the complete Processor,

this the status of my Processor and random access memory

Than I opened seamly and opened a Shirt pattern and the indiidual Measurement.

as u can see in this pic.

and as you can see in the following pics, tne M1 processor is nearly occupied with seamly and the temperature raises,

And also the random access memory is nearly occupied.

That is in my opinion the reason why the programm gets slower and slower during work and than crashes. The temperature of the Processor goes up to 95°C I start cooling the processor than down.

Why ist the Programm so consuming?


Can you try toggling the control points for curves off… and tell me if the cpu usage goes down?



I believe I have identified the high cpu usage issue. While it seems it affects macs more, it’s also present on Windows builds. It appears to be related to the having curve control points visble within the scroll area. If you hide the control points, or scroll / zoom so the control points are not in the scroll view area the cpu usage drops. Now that I have an idea where the issue is I can try and resolve it.

This is the same issue as:


@Douglas , @Grace , @csett86 ,

I have forgotten to let you know tha since our last chat about the crash of seamly, itwent better, its only crashing once a day when I close it. If I click on Quitt Seamly the program is closing and a minute or so later I get a Message that the programm was unexpectedly closed. everything is saved so no loss of work. Its perfect like this for me.

Thx again for your support


Yeah… sorry I didn’t get what I believe may fix a mac issue… didn’t plan on breaking a hip. Lol.