Crash on MaC

Hello together , I have downloaded the newest version of Seamly for MacOS. I’m not happy at the moment as the programm crashes from time to time when making a pattern and all you have done so far is lost. I can save every curve line angle immediatelely but thats time consuming. What can I do?

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Hello @H.Naehmann

Can you send us screenshots of the crashes along with a description of what you were doing shortly before the crash & the version of Seamly that you are working on, please? So that @Douglas can take a look?

Use Ctrl-S to save. It’s like second nature to me I do it without thinking in whatever program I’m using.

That being said… if you can give us feedback… screencaps or whatever error msgs may pop up can help us to figure out an issue.

That would be command/“splat/clover”-S on MacOS. Seamly2D also has an autosave/backup feature like most modern applications. I don’t use it though since I was trained in the classic style.



There’s really not much to use with autosave… an autosave file is created (every 1 min - the pref doesnt work). If you crash, and any autosave files exist- you will be prompted that the app shut down with an unsaved file the next time Seamly2D is run. If you click Ok it will load the autosave file - which will most likely lack the ladt changes you made. Thus… Ctrl-S/ Command - S.

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I’m also experiencing frequent crashes on Mac.

version 2023.6.12.206 MacOS Monterey on a intel based mac

The crashes occur when editing shape of curves or splines and then modifing properties such as color or line type of the curve. the software first doesn’t “take” the line change, then crashes.

is there anything I can do to document this better?


Hello and welcome to the Seamly Forum, @Seamlydelter

Does it just close the program? or does it give a warning or error? If it gives a warning/error, please can you add a screenshot of it? And, perhaps a screenshot of it ‘not taking’ the changes, please.

@Douglas will need as much information as possible to track down the poblem.

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Hi, it just closes the program Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 11.27.22

I’ve sent a message to @Douglas with a link to a video screen capture that documents the process


Yes I got the vid. So does it only crash when you click on the line weight in the Properies Editor? Does it crash if you change the line weight in the Tool Dialog? Is it crashing with other tools or just the curves? Can we assume this is happening with any pattern?

I’m trying to pinpoint if it’s the tool, the line weight in general, or the line weight in the Properties Editor.

  • it crashes only with curves, never happened with lines
  • it crashes when editing properties, it can be line weight, color or line type, I can’t really tell bacause the system goes unresponsive and there is a great delay between commands and response from the interface
  • This is my first pattern, I’ll try with other patterns and let you know

OK. Again… is it happening in the Properties Editor - like in the video - OR also in the Tool Dialog (right mouse context menu->Properties)? The dialogs and properties editor are handled seperately. If it’s only the properties editor it may pin point more of where the issue may be.

  • so far has only happened in the Properties editor. In the tool dialog it has never crashed, at least so far.

Please keep in mind that it crashes occasionally, let’s say 1 in ten times or even less. Majority of the time I use the properties it works fine. You can tell it’s happening because the computer fans start to spin at max level before the crash.

  • I just created a new pattern file, played around with a Interactive Spline in the Properties dialog and it crashed when attempting to change line thickness after changing color.

So I guess it’s not dependent from that particula pattern file.


Well here’s another question… Does it crash if just editng a Interactive Curve / Spline’s control points or only if you interactively change a curve? It is a known fact that interactively moving the curves takes a lot of processing power, and we need to address having an option to reduce the accuracy of the curves to lessen the cpu load. The curves are actually a series of straight lines… the more segments, the more acurate and smooth the curve, but at a cpu cost. For some reason Macs seem to have issues here where the Windows just slow down when moving the curve, but don’t crash.

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  • I tried to just edit the curve shape, just dragging the curve segments, and just using control points. No crash.

  • I closed and reopened the file and just played with properties in the properties editor, and it crashed.

  • Moving aggressively the curve did cause the fan to start spinning but no crash, and also no serious lag.

I’ll send you a link to the video

I’m sure the the programs are different internally but Sketchup (curve are a series of segments) and also Rhinoceros (true NURBS) work fine on my computer. So it looks like it’l related to the properties, more than the geometry of the curve.


I get this too, Macbook Air OS X 11.7.7 (too old to upgrade further) and Mac Mini OS X 13.4. It happens more often when I am doing a lot of work on a draft. I always do a “save as” and create a new document at the beginning of each session and do “cmd + S” to save frequently. On one occasion, my file became corrupted, but I looked into the xml with textedit, and deleted the pattern piece that was not displaying correctly, and it was fine after that. When it happens, I find multiple instances of Seamly2d open, and quit them all before opening my document again.


Obviously you would not to work on the same pattern in multiple instances… even though Seamly2D will let you - after warning the pattern is open in another window.


If there is something I can help here as a mac dev, please ping / dm me, @Douglas


Hello everybody attached i send some screenshots after my last crash a few moments ago


I hope its usefull for my problem

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Hello, @H.Naehmann

Thank you very much for the screenshots, I’m sure they will help @Douglas. Can you describe exactly what you were doing at the time of the crash? And also let us know which Mac OS you’re working on, please. @Douglas should be alone in a bit and will see if everything is useful to him.