Create Rotate tool

Susan Spencer @slspencer on github added issue June 2017:

It's used in making darts and many other patternmaking methods.
The tool would prompt for a center point (rotation point), the point to be rotated, an angle, and direction (clockwise, counterclockwise).

It would be best if the angle could be specified as either an angle in degrees, or a function which retursn the angle of a vector given by three points. e.g. -

angle(A1, A, A2)   where A is the center point of the vector, and A1 & A2 are on 'rays' of the vector, the angle is < 180
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This tool would make a new point, not move an existing point.

Good day! I’m still a pretty newbie when it comes to pattern making, especially digital pattern making. I’ve completed drafting the front and back bodice as a sleeve using the HJA book. I would like to use the same technique from the book for the dart manipulation. But this is really unclear to me because I’m not very good at mathematics. Does the rotate tool have a video or a simpler explanation, especially for the HJA pattern-making book method? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Hi @Wakho,

We’re currently discussing the addition of tools that create darts on lines and darts on curves as objects.

These dart objects could then be selected from drop-down lists and then operated on with the Operations tools: Rotate, Mirror, Move, etc.

In the meantime, you can create darts manually, then you can use the True Darts tool if the darts are on a straight line.

After you create the dart, you can use the Rotate tool to select the 3 points of your dart (2 leg points plus vertex point) and rotate them around another point. Or you can select the 2 leg points of your dart and rotate them around the dart’s vertex point.


Watch this video tutorial on Rotating a Dart. It’s best viewed in full screen mode.


I greatly appreciate it. I had a lot of insight and was able to successfully finish the dart manipulation.