Creating Multisize Measurement Files

And get rid of the stupid unused “?” in the dialog title. :slight_smile:

Off the top of my head we would have to update the schema to add the “End size” to the XML. Which probably means adding it everywhere one would find the base sized used in the code.

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I don’t think so because the base size won’t change, we’ll still need to enter it and it will still serve the same purpose as the size from which other sizes are calculated from.

Which brings me to something else that has bothered me forever…

I really see no point in the sizes being constrained in the pattern preferences. Shouldn’t this be constrained in the measurement chart - since it’s the measurement chart that will only cover a certain number of sizes?


(This could be automatically set by the Base and End sizes drawn from the measurement chart loaded.)

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Yes, one will have to make measurement charts for A & B and another for C & D. But I don’t mind, it’s easy to switch between measurement charts in the pattern :smile:

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I mean in the sense of where the code is reading and writing basesize to the XML.

I believe we’ve touched on this before.

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