Critical Error - Can't open file

Hi everyone!! Hope you are fine :grin:

I’m here again cause I have a Critical Error on a pattern and I can’t open the file :smiling_face_with_tear:

Searching in the forum, I think it might be the Union Tool I used last time I opened it. But I don’t know how to fix it if I can’t access the file :frowning: I’d appreciate if you could tell me how to solve it please!!

This is the pattern and a measure file size 24 & 26 so it can match :slight_smile:

Thank you so much in advance!

TE M Medidas 24 y 26.vst (7,5 KB)

Cloak.val (90,1 KB)


I have fixed the file… for now.

Cloak_fixed.val (90.0 KB)

Currently there is an issue when using the Union tool - which I happen to working on the fix as we speak.


Sorry… I was going to post this before, but my Wifi started flipping out so I just clicked Reply before I could finish.

If this happens:


You can open the xml file in a text editor and search for “590” to find the node id = “590” whch is causing the error.


If you notice it has an attribute inUse=“false”… change it to inUse=“true”, and it should fix the problem.


I would also recommend to not use the Union tool for now, or if you do, keep the original 2 pieces.


Hi Douglas! Thank you so SO much!! :pray: I’ll remember to keep a copy of the files if I intent to use the union tool.

Thanks too for explaining me how to fix it through xml file, that is helpful!!