Critical error


I have a document that does not want to open when I worked very well on it.

Can you get it back?mesures_femmes.vst (2.4 KB)Bombers.val (40.3 KB)

Hello lilou,

I think you will find that if you add @longueurtailledevant, @tourdetaille, @tourdubassin, @longueurdepaule, @hauteurdebassin and @carruredevant into your Measurements Table (mesures_femmes.vst) you should be able to open your Pattern drawing again. It worked when I tried it just now.

mesures_femmes.vst (3.0 KB)

Good luck, and I’m sorry that I cannot respond in French.

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Thank yoou for helping but I think I gave you a wrong measurements Table.

Here they are the screen shot of the problème. I am not able to correct it

mesures_femmes.vst (2.4 KB)

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I have removed the parts that were causing the error, so you will need to recreate them. When using the Union tool, please copy your work into a separate file first as security because the slightest thing can cause this type of problem.

Here is your corrected file :slight_smile: Bombers1.val (36.8 KB)

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wonderfull !!

Thanks a lot

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