Curves CurrentLength

Is there a reason CurrentLength is not available for a curve’s function? It would be nice to have that.


I don’t know, but here are my thoughts/intuitions:

  • When making a curve that would be a straight line, so why even use the curve tool?

  • When segmenting a curve the curve’s name shows in a drop-down in the dialog, (eg:Spl_A_A3) which is shorter to write than CurrentLength :crazy_face:.

  • But I have assumed that the real reason has to do with why there’s a drop-down to choose which curve one wishes to segment, when one clearly already chose which curve to segment! (Of course, it comes in handy when I realize I got confused about which string of a knot I was clicking on. :crazy_face:)

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  1. I don’t understand your first point. If you have a curve, it’s likely because a straight line is not going to get the job done.
  2. The selection of the curve can actually take a long time because of having to hunt through the dropdown list which can be very large in a complex pattern.
  3. It’s safer to use CurrentLength compared to selecting a curve, since then there is no risk of accidentally selecting the wrong curve from the dropdown.
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  1. Exactly. That was just my clumsy attempt at covering that one possible option before going on to more likely territories.

  2. No, what I was trying to say was selecting it on the diagram, but then typing in its name is easy because it is what’s showing in the dropdown.

  3. I think that probably the reason why one cannot use CurrentLength when segmenting curves is because of the same reason why they even have a generally not very useful, (to us,) drop-down. It probably has something to do with the way they are stored in the xml, but I haven’t been able to make enough sense of the xml to tell if that’s a reasonable hypothesis.

Hopefully @kmf, @slspencer, or someone else who has some level of understanding of the code can bring some real illumination to this question soon. :unicorn:

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This is something that simply wasn’t implemented and needs to be developed.

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