Curves on sleeves

Hey there,

I love Seamly but I have a problem since 16 hours. :frowning: When I wanna make a sleeve the bodice doesnt fit to that. I create a body and then I wanna draw the sleeve for jersey pattern (I use Gilewskas Book)

But the curves are not shown as calculated. They are even longer.

Can you tell me how to fix this?

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36.vit (1,9 KB) 02Longsleeve.val (17,4 KB)

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You can see it here in the example. BÄ the lefthas the caculation of right, but they havent the same length.

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19.1908 x 2 = 38.3816

14.0496 + 4.841 + 4.82457 + 14.7803 = 38.46447

It’s out by 0.08287cm. Do you think that 8mm too big at the sleeve cap is going to make a huge difference?

You can, very slightly, shorten the curve handles on the sleeve side, Go into the options of the curve and play around with them until you get it exactly the same as the bodice armhole.


That’s .8mm… or 3 hundredths of an inch ( .03 in). No… it ain’t going to make a difference. It’s less than the width of a chalk mark on fabric. One would be hard pressed to get that much accuracy if they drew the patterns by hand on paper.

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