Cutter's Practical Guide ( A period tailoring manual)

Thanks to the Wayback machine these are the scans of a couple of volumes of the “Cutters Practical Guide” by W.D.F Vincent (princpal editor).

It’s appreciated these are in British units, but these volumes were highly regarded by the mid range British tailoring sector until at least the mid 1960’s if not still.

The volumes will be of interest to those making historical accurate gentleman’s clothing for stage, and as inspiration for those wanting to adapt older styles into modern designs.

I hope these are useful.


Also try:

If you find missing images.

PDF here?

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Part II:


And the guide to the cutting of Ladie’s garments:

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It seems that site you linked has NUMEROUS other works as well

Thank you very much for linking.



Re ladies Garments, Transcribed at Wikisource, if someone wants to review the transcription efforts.

Index:The cutters' practical guide to the cutting of ladies' garments.djvu - Wikisource, the free online library "

It’s missing some plates though , namely the ones that show how to take certain measures. (Does anyone have the means to reconstruct these?)

. :frowning:

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Further to my last message : The edition concerning “Ladies Garments” now has the plates showing how to take the measures for use with the systems in this work.


In followup to my earlier post, The missing images were located.

Wikisource now has this in a complete state, on the link given earlier :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much, @alex.farlie :slight_smile: