DIalog boxes in the german version - @

@Douglas, @Grace,

after solving the problem with Window position , I started to work with seamly2D in the german version, and I came across some problebms with the Size of the dialog boxes, the font sizes and the space.

As you can see there is not enough space in the geometry field between the name and the value of a messurement or constraktion , so the numbers crushing into the name, which makes it difficult if you want to see the valui on the dialog box.

and at the lower End of the Dilog field the Fontsize for the Button Anwenden and the Button Abbrechen is to big so that the words cand be read completely

ALso in the preset of Anwendungseigenschaften you find the porblem that the size of the top drop down menue box is too small so that you cant read what it says.


Hey Guido… I’ll look at fixing the specific dialogs you posted. Part of the problem is I changed most of the dialogs to use 9 point instead of 8 point fonts so it’s easier to read, but it just makes for less space for translated labels. :frowning: I’ll look at a layout solution in general to better adapt the tool dialogs.


I took a look at the dialogs and I have no idea what is happening with the Mac build. There’s nothing I can see in the form layouts that’s causing parts to overlap. I’m even more baffled why the Point - Length ang Angle dialog button bar buttons are using a larger font when it should be 9 point like all the others - regardless of translating. The dialogs all display fine in the Windows ver. :roll_eyes:


Screenshot 2024-03-13 173304


My first question would be @H.Naehmann… how do the dialogs display if you switch gui languages? In other words is it a MAC build issue, or a translation issue?

Are there any other Mac users experiencing the same text overlapping in the dialogs?

I’m going to at least widen the tool dialogs 30 pix to give more room to the dropdowns that got squeezed from adding to the label width last time.

The mac builds may be doing something odd with the horizntal spacer here:


where the size hint is currently 40 px… I’m going to try and change it to 10 and see if that prevents the Mac builds from pushing the value text over the label text.

Screenshot 2024-03-13 183743


I added 10 px to the labels and widened the Dialog to 350 px. This should accomodate lengthier translated labels, and not squash the translated dropdowns. Hopefully it also resolves the overlapping in the Mac build. I’ll update the rest of the tool dialogs and push the changes and maybe @H.Naehmann can check and see if the next release fixes the issues.



I fixed the pref dialog, updated all the tool dialogs and made a PR. If anyone wants to check out the changes you can download an artifact here.

bug: fix and widen tool dialogs · FashionFreedom/Seamly2D@40260e6 (github.com)


Thx for your effort andd work on this problem, I was occupied with my main profession last week so I read your post just mow. Well The two worlds of windows and macOs is a never ending story not only for me. My last MacBook had am Intel Chip as CPU and most of us Mac Users had the parallel Desktop app so that you can run your Device with Windows and macOs. After the introduction of the M1 Chip, this game was over. Windows doesnt work on Macs anymore. What a surprise. Microsoft office, all Adobe Apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat reader and so on worked. The emergency solution was the roseta app.

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@Douglas , @Grace , @ pneumarian, @csett86 Many thanks for all the efforts you have taken to slove the poblem and making seamly2D running quite well, after the last update I was surprised that I can use the editors, like shown in the screenshot

the editor shown at the right side of the screen was until now empty and I couldnt use it.

I still think that Mac users of seamly2D are still a small minority here, even if mac is widly used in Arts, Design, and Photography. But comparing costs, Mac is luxury, esp if you are a start up in Fashion and have to think twice before spending money.

Thanks once again



BTW… headsup: we’re making some more additons to the app so the UI is going to have some more translations needed. I also figured out how to show the source code or UI forms when using Linquist to translate - so now you can actually see the resulting tanslations in dialogs: