Digitalizar patrones fisicos

Hello! Good morning

I’m a newbie and I’m just learning how to use Seamly2D.

I have patterns that I made on paper and I would like to digitize them and grade them to have more order.

Is there a way to do this using Seamly2D?

Thanks in advance everyone <3

Hola! Buenos dias

Soy novata y recien estoy aprendiendo a usar Seamly2D

Tengo patrones que hice en papel y quisiera digitalizarlos y graduarlos para tener mas orden.

Hay manera de hacer esto utilizando Seamly2D?

Gracias anticipadas a todos <3


Hola! Bienvenida a Seamly!

Si, puedes, mas o menos. You have to re-draft it into Seamly2D. Once that’s done properly, it’s a cinch to re-size it however you need, even non-gradable sizes. Thus you can pleasantly eliminate all but one fitting session, & even that one should be more of a formality.


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I did come up with a way to enter existing patterns of a known size… which is not drafting using a given pattern system per se, but rather locating the grade points of the pattern pieces. I outlined how I did it with this pattern…