Dimension file does not include all required dimensions

I do not know what happened. I have managed to create the pattern and provide seam allowances. I now wanted to construct the sleeve and have created a new cut piece. Then came this message :frowning: What I have to do, what did I do wrong?

ich kann die Fehlermeldung leider nicht ganz lesen, sie ist zu klein. Wenn Du mir schreibst welches Maß ihm abgeht und mir das entsprechende .vit und vorsichtshalber .val gibst, müsste ich Dir zumindest einen Dummy reinschreiben können, dass er das Pattern wieder aufmacht.

Legerer Oberteilgrundschnitt ohne Abnäher.val (27,4 KB) Größentabelle der deutschen Damen-Konfektionsgrößen.vst (2,9 KB)

Die Ansage lautet: Dateifehler Exeption: Maßdatei beinhaltet nicht alle erforderlichen Maße. Please, additionally provide: CurrentSeamAllowance1

It seems that the checkmark at seamallowances got lost, all should work again.

Legerer Oberteilgrundschnitt ohne Abnäher - Fixed.val (21.9 KB)

The .vst file is the same, you will just have to show the pattern where to find it again when you open the pattern.


Thank you it worked :slight_smile:

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After designing the front piece, I wanted to construct the right sleeve for it! I thought I would put formulas and required measures in the variables table so I would not have to re-calculate them again and again - under the tab “other dimensions”! I made formulas for the armhole circumference by adding the gauge lengths. Then I wanted to enter formula for the ball height. The dimensions were first displayed. After I added a description came the following message:

Evaluation error: unexpected character found at Spl_A4_A21.

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I also have problems with the variables and formulas. It seems that when you create the variable, it’s fine, but when you exit and want to use it, it can’t find the curve you are referring to in the formula. I believe there is an Issue created on this problem but I can’t find it right now :sweat: Perhaps one of the programmers can say whether it has been fixed or not.

In the meantime, I’d suggest using copy and paste (Ctrl/c & Ctrl/v) to put the formulas in - that’s what I do.


@Grace Yes, that’s what I did now. Would be much simpler :slight_smile:

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