Display Pattern Info

I addressed issue#444 - Add a button / menu item to display the file info.

You can now popup a dialog that displays the pattern info:


Dialog will be accessable via the File menu->Document Information: info_menu

With the shortcut Ctrl + I: info_shortcuts

Or via a revamped Status bar - there’s a far right toolbutton . Currently the app uses a QToolbar to display the multi-size comboboxes (if a vst pattern), and the mouse coordinates / units, while the help tooltips are displayed in the actual QStatusBar (a special toolbar). The status toolbar is removed with the items moved to the statusbar where they should be. Those items appear on the right of the status bar as “permanent” widgets, meaning they can not be overwritten by any help text that is displayed on the left. It also means there is now one toolbar height more of space available for the workspace.



It looks good :star_struck: and studying the info brings up something else… but I don’t think it would be feasable… I’m thinking that most patterns would state how many pattern pieces are included, but that wouldn’t be possible because sometimes, there are many other pieces created, except if it only counts the number of pieces are visible? Hmmm… Anyway, not important - just thinking out loud to fill up the 20 chars :slight_smile:


This is just a start of an info dialog… I just used existing routines to read the elements from the xml so it was quick and easy to do.

Could we add how many pieces? Sure… we could show how many total pieces there are, and how many are included in the layout… or just show a list by piece number & name with a checkmark if it’s included in a layout. Basically I’m going for a cutters must form.


I would like the list by piece number & name and the checkmark!


That should be relatively easy to do as we already have the piece list dock. Only caveat here is for older patterns they don’t store whether a piece is included in a layout or not. Not exactly sure at which pattern version that changed. So basically older patterns will just include all pieces.

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Ok… as long as I’m going to add a piece list, I might as well add those label data items such as quanity, placement, rotation, tilt, etc…

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:heavy_plus_sign: :one:

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I also like the idea of a check list. That way, one can see which pieces to include & which have been included. But happy anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

Well here’s a question… would we want to be able to also change included pieces from the information dialog… as well as the piece dock? It’s something that could be done.

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I think the aim could be to add an information “stamp” on the larger pattern pieces, eventually, or to be able to print an information intro page to the pattern, besides keeping ones pattern-plans/thoughts together. On the pattern pieces, one can use the info to add “of xxx” to the pattern piece number, e.g. “G of 12” or “3 of 5”.

Like I said, I was only thinking out loud :smile:

Perhaps @bernt has some ideas in this regard?

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I’ve used that style in the past on my patterns… but it just takes more time (which I never have) to write so I dont do it anymore. Besides, it’s more or less to convey to others not familar with the pattern how many pieces there are to know if and what’s missing or which pieces to use for a given style when a pattern has more than one.

But… that does bring up a point. Currently there is only a “letter” field in the label data. While you could use it for piece numbers, if you wanted letters you would end up with for ex: D of 10 instead of 4 of 10 - kinda of awkward. I would prefer to add a piece # to the class as well as the piece letter. Then a user has the choice of which to use.


Yeah… I think this will need a bit more thought as to whether it’s necessary for now. You’re right, you have a lot to do on the other features. If it’s pretty much the same to you, I think add it to both the Info dialog & the piece dock. That should set things up universally for greater things later, if required.

Perhaps where one sets up the label… there could be an option… Later :laughing:

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We should allways remember this is an information dialog, not more :wink:


Point taken.

That being said, setting up project information - pattern size, clients, tech sheets, must lists, etc don’t belong in the preferences. I believe in my original Github issue you posted about showing info when opening / creating a pattern? Something like adding the client should be part of a new pattern dialog - again not buried in the preferences.

Probably another topic for discussion on what project documentation we would want and where it should be. :slight_smile: