Dissociate or ungroup points

I have 2 questions, which while different are nevertheless quite similar-

1) Is there a way to dissociate or “ungroup” points lines which are the result of a symmetry or rotational transformation in order to use them independently. why am i asking this? for example i make a transformation and see 1 part of it is not what i wanted. I am unable to delete that specific point or line, just because another point from the same group of points and lines in this transformation are already used for the rest of the pattern.

Alternatively I have to delete the whole rotation of symetrie if i can, and then redo my transformation selected only the points i do want. But if some points are already used, then i cannot do this.

I know i could use the group function to hide points, but how many groups am i going to make while doing my transformations and correcting them?

2) why can’t i delete a point or line once its been used. I understand that linked points and lines would lose a reference. Instead of forbidding this function, there could be warning/confirmation as step 2 during which all associated points and lines are highlighted to preview what other data might be lost. maybe i do want to delete it all, but can’t undo it step by step with the use of the undo tool as i have already advanced on another portion of the pattern.

Let’s call it a ‘Disassociation’ and ‘Reassociation’. If you right-click on the point that you find that you have associated with (for instance) A1 because you actually want it to come from A2, then click on the Options in the menu, find where is says “A1”, click on the small arrow to the right of it and select “A2” and OK.


You can do this with lines, curves, almost everything :slight_smile:

Yes. You have to find all the bits that are associated with that point, edit them away (as described above) or delete them, until that label will become available to be deleted. This includes all lines, formulas, points.

WARNING!!! ALWAYS make a COPY of your pattern file before attempting this not just a save. It’s so easy to lose all your work.

As explained before, Seamly2D is a database driven program. As such, it reads from line 1 to the end. It can’t always see ahead to where something is attached later in time. We have been discussing a more ‘User-friendly’ way to do things, but this is still in the discussion stages. At the moment, we are all only too grateful for the amazing work all the programmers have done to provide us with such an amazing program.

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If you reassign the origin point for a group transformation (Rotate or Move) then all the points which were part of the transformation will be reassigned. It isn’t possible at the moment to:

  1. reassign the origin point for a subset of transformed points within a group transformation
  2. remove or add points to a group transformation.
  3. remove or add points to a defined group created with the Group tool.

It would , though, be very useful to be able to add or delete points in a group created with the Group Tool. In the .val file it is possible to find the different groups if it is opened in any text editor. I think it should be possible to make such changes with the text editor, but have not dared to try it yet. It maybe could be possible to add a table over the points in the group and there make changes, something like the table in the Pattern creation? Something for a later version of Seamly?


Yes, I’ve often had to recreate a group and delete the old group, wishing that one could just add a point or remove a point. :slight_smile: