dowload problem

Hello, I am trying to download seamly 2D on my mac OSX10.6.8 but once on my computer it crashes when opened. Do you have a solution? thank you very much in advance !!!

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I have invited @slspencer to look at this issue. She is our mac expert.

@scoub58 I am NOT a mac expert, but if you give me a little more detail I will attempt to be of assistance

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Welcome to the club @scoub58! I think regarding OS compatibility, you‘ll have to update your mac OS to at least 10.9. or 10.10. (Mavericks or Yosemite) for Seamly2D to work properly.


I have two solutions: uninstall & reinstall, just in case it was a minor case of the gremlins.

The other option is to compile it yourself, but I can certainly understand you not wanting to go that route.

Hopefully someone comes along who can be of actual assistance, it’s been a few years since I had a Mac but I had a pre-split version of Valentina running on either Tiger or Panther, (which were not modern OS even back then.) I think that was before pre-compiled versions were kept, but I seem to have repressed the memory, (or it was super boring.)

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