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Download the latest Seamly software: :arrow_double_down:

Download, unzip, and run Seamly2D-installer.exe, 
click 'More Info', 'Run Anyway', 'Install' or 'Repair', 'Close'
Download, unzip, and run Seamly2D-installer.exe, 
click ‘More Info’, ‘Run Anyway’, ‘Install’ or ‘Repair’, ‘Close’
           chmod a+x Seamly2D-x86_64.AppImage      

One additional option for Windows would be to use the package manager, Chocolatey. That would make installation and updating a breeze for clients. Here is what y’all need to know about creating Chocolatey packages. (I suggest y’all advise clients to install the Chocolatey GUI for a more comfortable environment.)



What benefits does a Windows user gain with this rather than the current Seamly Windows installations that would make the added maintenance worthwhile?

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As with any other package manager–like the Windows Store–clients would be able to handle the installation and updating of Seamly2d as easily as any other app, which can be the difference between trying it and walking away for those who aren’t tech-savvy.


From my research, unless one is installing Seamly on multiple computers (which is going to be a tech savy IT person) - like in a business environment - I see no benefit in using Chocolatey to install Seamly. The apps are all self contained in 1 zip / exe file, and it doesn’t take a tech savy person to install. For most users there’s no package to manage. Download and open the zip file, click the install exe, name a folder to place it in, and that’s it. If you want to check for updates and install you can do so through the help menu. update

There’s also no reason IMO to be sending Windows users to the Chocolatey repository to install the apps from either - which is just something else for us to maintain. Besides… it takes a workflow long enough to run with every PR as it is without adding another package to wait for building to see if the PR passes.

That being said… there’s nothing stopping you from forking the project and creating your own workflow to package for Chocolatey so we can test and see how it works. :slight_smile:

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Hello Grace, well as u can see in the attached screenshots Diana Werthenbach was the first who made tutorials on youtube in German, she is a professional tailor and very good in Pattern making.

She used the construction method from Müller and Söhn.

I learned pattern construction from my aunt (she was also Master tailer and worked as Directrice for many years), she also learned pattern construction with Müller and son. Its foundend in the mid 18.00, in Austria, with branches in Germany and switzerland, they founded the first schools for education in pattern construction. with quality control. The good thing is that many formulas for construction are easy to adapt, due to the fabric, or the sizing when the body posture is different or the figure is not easy.


Hi again, @H.Naehmann

I actually have subscribed to her Youtube channel. One day, when life isn’t leading my days, I must really have a good look at the videos on there. I see that there are also Seamly videos.

Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @ Grace, welcome, it was a pleasure for me, The videos are almost 3 Years old and its an older version she used. But she is a good persion , even if you dont see her, because its always the view on her screen and what she is doing. She has a very calming voice explains everything very good. And you know very soon that she has a long expierence in Pattern Construction and she convinces herself in the tutorials of using seamly and pointed out the advantages, the benefits of a computer programm instead of using paper pencil and ruler. Very interesting is the Sizing with seamlyMe, for individual and multisize measurements. As the Construction Method from Müller and son is not to be found in Seamly as she remarks, in one of the first videos (i think it was the tutorial for construction of the straight skirt (der gerade Rock). So she has to make all the formulas you need for calculated Dimensions. herself and explains it very good. But one question are u familiar with the german language ? otherwise its hard to follow her even if you know the programm and see what she is doing.

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Yeah… That’s what has been keeping me from looking at the videos. I know about 3 words of German :joy: And since then, I have acquired Guido Hofenbitzer’s book in English - He also teaches the Meuler & Sohn methods.

My Dutch is slightly better since I’m fluent in Afrikaans, but even then, there’s always a lot of slow decyphering.

However, as I said before, life hasn’t left me in peace this year for studies and/or pleasure. It should be calming down a bit soon and I’ll catch up again.

Once again, thank you very much for reminding me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Grace ,

even if you know seamly and how it works its difficult to understand without getting the information from her explanations.

I hope you will find time to relax and relod youd your batteries . I know that very Cju well. I Stopped my my work as a vascular surgean almost 2 Years ago due to a severe desease, And now I’m retirering end enjoy the time I have doing thinks I alwasy wanted to do (Pattern making and tailoring is one thing).

So keep care not to get into a burnout that happens more often than you think.

Mindfulnes is one of the keys.


@slspencer with the new URL, can you update the macOS instructions link in the top post to point to Seamly Software Download and Installation - Seamly Systems please? The automatic redirect unfortunately does not work, as it cuts of a / in the middle and ends up on a nonexisting location


I got it. Thanks for pointing it out!


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