Draft implementation of grainline merged to main repository


For those who waited this. Not perfect implementation of grainline is now merged thanks to Bojan.

The main problem for current implementation is lack of move control. We already have ideas how to fix this. Soon i will make post where describe it more detailed. For now we seek bugs in current implementation. If you see some please tell us.

Does someone need new test build?

Good job, it’s nice to be able to use the grain line even if it’s not perfect yet, thanks!

I noticed two things while putting grainlines on one of my pattern.

The first thing is not really a bug, in detail mode, the triangles at the ends of the line stay always the same size, so it looks a bit weird when zooming in and out because the line itself gets longer/shorter and thicker/thiner.

The second thing is if we put the length in the dialog greater than the available space, then the grain line is going beyond the limit of the pattern piece, and then you can’t change the length and rotation directly in the detail mode anymore. But you can stil change the values again in the dialog.

Other than this I didn’t notice any bug. :+1:

Thanks for the Grainline.

We should have a way to control the arrow heads.

If there are arrow in both ends, then the pattern pieces can be cut upside down as well. However this is not possible one directional fabric like velvet. In these cases there should be only on arrow head.

Thanks for feedback. I have sended it to Bojan.

How do you see this? Should it be disabled only bottom? Or top or bottom?

Yes, we will make it better very soon. I begin redesign detail. This will bring control points. Tomorrow i will make post about my plan.

I think most of the cases the arrow is pointing down, so the top arrow head should be disabled. In ultimate case, if you add 180 degrees to the line angle the line is reserved.

Thanks for your comments. I have a few questions:

  1. Regarding the arrows (triangles), should we have a fixed size (in cm/inch, so that it would scale well) or even allow user to set it in Detail dialog?
  2. It’s true, the Detail dialog does not change whether the grain line fits into the pattern piece. I guess we should have this check in place?

Thanks for your comment as well. Would it be acceptable have two checkboxes (one for each arrow head) in the Detail dialog, where user could show/hide each arrow?

Yes, It would be best have control of both ends.

Yes, one or both should always be enabled.

  1. I think it would be perfect if the triangles behaved the same way as in the layout mode. They scale nicely there. I don’t know if it’s necessary to be able to configure the size of the triangles in the dialog though. What to the pattern experts think about this?

  2. It would be good indeed to check if the arrow fits into the piece. When the length given doesn’t fit into the area, there could be a warning, but the final length of the arrow would be min(length given, max length possible). What do you think?

It is now possible to turn on/off each arrow

Create please a pull request.

The fuctionality is good.

However the wording was a bit unfamiliar for me. Could it be one of

  • Start - End
  • Top - Bottom
  • Head - Tail

Continue testing the grainline, i have merged new changes.