Drafting Slash and Spread on Seamly2D

Has anyone found an elegant way of drafting slash and spread with Seamly2D? I had a play a few days ago, basically replicating the physical action of cutting a paper pattern and pivoting on the seam line. This worked, using the rotate tool but, after the 5th or 6th rotate the pattern was getting very messy - borderline illegible. I can’t help feeling there’s a better way! :thinking: I can put up some screen shots this evening, if that helps?


Oh many of us wish there were a more elegant way! There isn’t. All you can do to make it less messy is to group some objects you don’t need at the moment and make them invisible

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@andrewb, click here >> Slash and spread - #12 by Grace is one good place to see previous discussion on this forum about how to use the Seamly2D rotate tool to do a slash and spread. There has actually been a lot of discussion on this forum on that topic over the last 3 years. To look for other references on this forum, use the search icon and look for “slash” or look for “rotate”

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