Drawing a digitized pattern from an image of handdrawn paper piece of pattern

Bonjour, I come back about the way to draw or draft a piece of pattern using an image of the paper pattern already drafted. I red this in the forum months ago but I don’t able to understand the needed code proposed to do that. My goal is to draw directly above the image of my paper handdrawn pattern because i don’t think that it is now possible Seamly directly vectorized the image. Do somebody able to that? Merci , thank you so much for your reply.

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Hi & welcome, @Clara

Here is the link to that post that @MrDoo posted: Kristina Shin Basic underwire bra tutorial - #8 by MrDoo. I haven’t spent enough time to test it.

Another option is to use the program Ghost-it. Again, I haven’t tested it. I believe it only works on Windows and that the project has been abandoned, so there will be no further updates.

No, Seamly works a bit different from other graphic software in that each point fans out from a start point and rely on each point that went before.If the sequence is broken, then the pattern will crash.

If you could map out the pattern like on this website, then you could draw your pattern very easily in Seamly without using a background image. I’ve created a few short videos creating this pattern in Seamly: Seamly2D - Part 2 - Leotard Back - YouTube

I hope this helps you :slight_smile:

Bonsoir @Grace Merci for your reply. It is exactly what I am searching. Sometimes it is easier for me to draft by hand after with Seamly. I installed Ghost-it as I am working on Windows. It seems it will run on my Windows 10. I have to play now with it before to use design process. Merci for your support and kindness.

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