Dropdown menu for starting and ending point of curve not showing all points

Hello there, As you can see from the above image, The drop down for the endpoint of this curve does not seem to be displaying all the point on this draft block like I would expect it too. I only get the first 15 or so. I saw it display the first 40 once, not sure how I got that to happen, but I know it is possible. Is this just a bug or am I missing something. I am still very new to this program.


You’re missing something. With any given tool, it can only use points that were created before itself. For example… if you have 50 points in a pattern, but try to change the starting point for A1… your only choice is A… as it’s the only point that was created before A1. The same principle applies to curves… if editing a curve, the only points available are those created before the curve. It has to do with how the pattern is parsed in a linear manner where a tool has no access to tools created later in the file. It’s like if I asked you “What did you do next monday?”. You can’t answer as you don’t know yet… you can only tell me what you did before I asked.