Dropdown menu issue

Hello Forum,

I seem to have issues selecting stuff on dropdown menus in Seamly (v., built on Feb '22, OS Big Sur). I had this happen in the previous version as well. Happens kind of randomly and on any dropdown menu (within functions, size selection, curve parameters, … any). I sometimes have to restart, sometimes it lets me select after some 10 seconds, as if it just took too long to process or load, that’s why I thought it might just be a MacBook-related issue, but I’m not sure. Didn’t find this in the archive, so I’m hoping this is not just a silly thing on my end. Enjoy your weekends!

ALso, as of the the latest release it’s become impossible to reverse curves and curve sections in my pattern pieces.

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It’s apparently a Qt bug and context menus with some Mac builds.

My suggestion for now… use the up / dn arrows in the context menu and Enter to select menu items OR create the curves in the correct direction.


Thanks, the clockwise curves thing sort of works, but now Seamly keeps crashing right after node & curve selection and just before creating the new piece in “piece” mode. Oh dear…

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I’ll try digging out an older build for the moment.

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