Dunno, Seamly just crashed

From the basic A point I created a point up to M and then one up again tot M1. At which point Seamly2D complained that point M was not in the list and after I clicked the OK seamly just shut down.

Here is the screenshot of what happened.

And here is the sm2d file, Point M was at least in that list.

Kimono-stretch.sm2d (906 Bytes)

Then I threw away the old file, I only had made two points. Started over again with a new file and had no problem. I am mostly worried about the sudden crash. But also flummoxed about the warning… Thanks again for your interest and time…


Normally, when this happens, when you open Seamly again, it will give you a note saying that it wasn’t shutdown properly and give you the option to open it again. I have my Application Preferences set to autosave every minute, so that I can’t lose too much of my work:


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Not a crash… It’s a “warning”.

Since you said you threw the “old” file away… not sure what the attached file is? In any case there was an error in the attached file…


When you analyze the error it’s saying “increments is not defined in this scope”… because it’s looking for the element “measurements” first.

Adding the


fixes the pattern.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!--Pattern created with Seamly2D v2024.1.15.150 (https://seamly.io).-->
<draftBlock name="Kimono_stretch">

I don’t have an answer as to why it would not write the measurement tag. There’s no mystery as to how an empty pattern file is created as shown in the snippet of VPattern::CreateEmptyFile() routine.



Did you do anything with the Measurements menu… like Unload current? I’m trying to think of anything that could of removed the tag.

Don’t know if the autosave is much help in this case, as the file has an error.


After I got the warning and hit the OK button the application crashed. If that’s classed as a warning, then ok, but in my mind crashing is a lousy warning. And since semantics seem important… firstly: I am truly sorry that I am NOT a native speaker and only trying to help out. secondly: The attached file was the old file. Throwing away was not bin-bucket or delete, but set-aside for reporting. I just began over. Did the same steps and got no error. Then posted the old file to you. I did not do anything to the measurements menu. (or anything else then create two points) thanks again for your time and attention.


I was just pointing out that a “warning” msg on it’s own will not normally indicate a crash. A “critical” msg does, as the program execution was stopped. If indeed the file you attached was the result of clicking OK , then there is something that caused the measurements tag to be removed - something I have not encountered before. The tag gets written when a new pattern is created, and is only updated if a measurement file is loaded, but there is no code that specifically removes the tag - short of manually editing the file. That’s why I’m trying to figure out if there is some real issue, an internal Qt function thing, or if it’s just an anomaly. Once I added the measurement tag in, the pattern is fine.

BTW… just so we can rule it out - what version (build date) of the app are you using? There was a period when the Properties Editor was being updated that some tools were causing the Point not Found warning.


I’m the kinda guy who always has newest public release. Win 10, 2024.1.15.150 And lets for now say it was a not so QT gremlin (pun intended). And lets also say I will keep you up to speed when something unexpected happens. I don’t know why exactly, but I seem to be good at hunting down unexpected things in software. Probably it also has to do with that I’m always wanting to know every behavior I might possibly encounter. Spending a lot of time probing around. thanks for your patience

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