DXF layout export issue

Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS, Seamly 20200921, Xpattern.val (21.7 KB)

Upon exporting a “Detail” layout as an R10 (70.0 KB) , R10 AAMA, R11/12, or R11/12 AAMA, when opening it in Inkscape I get this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "dxf_input.py", line 530, in <module>
    inkex.errormsg(_('%d ENTITIES of type POLYLINE encountered and ignored. Please try to convert to Release 13 format using QCad.') % polylines)
NameError: name '_' is not defined

However, LibreCAD opens it without trouble, (though its completely off center,) & if centered & saved, the freshened file XpatternR10_1.dxf (49.6 KB) opens in Inkscape without issue.

Both files have the same name, since I merely saved, not saved as.

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Hi @Pneumarian, sorry, I really don’t know much about DXF. I hope someone will be able to help you with this :slight_smile:

I’ve used SVG exports and opened them in Inkscape with success. Perhaps saving them from there into DXF would do the trick?

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Oh, I’m not (yet) personally interested in it, I’m just morbidly curious about any new thing, & happened to run across an issue while I was poking at it.


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Haha, ok :slight_smile: But it’s right that you mention if it’s not working, so that the developers can look into it.

If anyone else does use this, please let us know if you’re also experiencing problems. Thank you.

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Hmmm both files opened on a crappy dxf viewer on my phone… they look the same.

I’ll take a look tomorrow eve when I can see it on the laptop.


Ok… I took a look at several versions of Seamly2D w/ different pattern versions and even an even older version of the same pattern in Valentina… here’s what I found:

  1. Inkscape only seems to “import” ( not open) an R3/R14 or any of the 2000-2013 AAMA formatted files without throwing an error. It does open SVG’s ok.

  2. Other CAD programs I have will open or import any DXF version Seamly2D exports.

My conclusion: Unless there are other (CAD) programs that are having an issue opening any of the Seamly2D/Valentina DXF formats when they should - It’s an Inkscape issue. In other words… if you have an R10/11/12 DXF that Inkscape opens… then there could be a DXF export issue.

When you posted this issue my first thought was I introduced some error with the notches… so I’m a bit relieved to see that’s not the case. Whew. :slight_smile:

BTW… I made the point a little while ago there are still a few things I want to fix with how the notches are getting rendered. You can see in a closeup scree cap of your pattern where there’s a little glitch in the notch not ending where the “non straight” seam line and notch intersect.


Here’s your pattern “imported” in Inkscape… no centering issue - you can then move, resize, or rotate the imported group of objects.



That’s a relief! I have now made a page on the wiki for such things:

Would it be advisable to reverse the order of the DXF options in the export list(s) so that the more recent ones are at the top?

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Probably… I’ll take a look later.

In any case it’s always a never ending problem with importing files between programs, or even having the latest version of a program to open a file.