Edit block in history?

i’ve created different blocks and now have run into the problem that i need measurements from my bodice for my sleeve but don’t have access to them. i can’t seem to access them in history either. is there a way to fix this?


Just like tools within a draftblock, a tool can only use variables from tools created before it. So draftblock B can use values from Draftblock A, but Draftblock A can not use Draftblock B.

The History only shows the order in which tools are created for the current draftblock.

We’d have to see the pattern (and measuements) to offer any suggestions.


i’m trying to fix my cap of sleeve and saw some methods using the armhole measurements to draft.

dain jacket.sm2d (68.5 KB) dain 031224.smis (2.1 KB)

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Not sure what you’re trying to do?

But like I previously mentioned all the variables from the A block (bodice) should be available to the B block (Sleeve).