Editing values in table view

Hello! Thnx for great product. I have few questions about editing values in cells in table-view. I used to work in HeidiSql and there is feature to show unix timestamp as DateTime and edit date in calendar-window. Also values with the SET type can be edited by checkboxes, not just string with delimiters.

Can i do this things in Valentina Studio? Thnx a lot again.

Чето не понял я о чем вы.

Can you post images of what you want Valentina to do?

Okay, but this doesn’t explain why do you need this. And where do you plan to use it.

It’s convenient to change some data for test code result during development. We are store date as unix timestamp, but it’s not obvious - does time in row has come already?

Listen, forgive me, but i absolutely don’t understand your request. Why do you need a unix timestamp? Who we? How do you use Valentina? Because now i have feelings you lost and speaking about absolutely different project.:confused:

If it is hard for you to describe your idea on english you can write me a private message on russian.

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Хорошо, не могу найти кнопку для этого :slight_smile:

Looks like because you new here, you have low level of trust and this functionality not available for you yet. Sorry, completely forgot about this.:smirk:

Write on my email dismine (at) gmail dot com.

I got it! Looks like we have another project with name Valentina. It is database Valentina DB and Valentina Studio. And authors are also from Ukraine.:grinning:

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LOL!:joy_cat: xxxxxxxxxx

Sorry, wrong product forum :slight_smile:

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Hi @TbIKBA! It was nice to have you here anyway! Good luck with the database issue. :four_leaf_clover:

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