Email preference mandatory

Here in Linux 20231218.

Attempting to close my Application Preferences panel without adding an email address to the Designer Info tab, I got an “email address is incorrect” error. When I acknowledged the message, the preferences closed without applying the change I had made.

  1. The email box needs to accept a null entry.
  2. Failure to enter a “proper” email should not result in loss of changes.
    • If it can’t save any preferences without a proper email addy, then the incorrect email error should fail to the email entry, not out.

While it’s nice that the email entry box letters red with an egregiously invalid email address, it’s not worth having an unusable preferences without entering an email. (Mine’s set to 0@0.oo ATM, which works as a pseudo-null. I’ll probably change it to my actual work-related email address eventually.)


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Point taken. I’ll have to figure out how to validate the field only if it’s NOT empty.

You can just put in a “junk” email… like… all the validator is looking for is some chars an @ some chars a Period and at least 2 chars. Doesn’t matter what the chars are as long as they’re alpha numeric.



Done. The email warning will still pop up, the email field will be cleared, and the Prefs will be still be saved.

I’m forgoing forcing the user to put in a valid email if the field is not empty at this time… it’s not worth the effort at this time. Beside, with the update to a Welcome screen and eliminating any attempt to create an email for a bodyscan conversion - the Prefs I added, including the email are now just there and won’t do anything until I will add these as new additional place holders for labels.