Eporting pattern

Hi. I have been trying to open seamly 2D patterns on Adobe illustrator for grading and designing. How can I export seamly2D pattern in a file format that can open on Adobe illustrator? Thank you


I believe you can Export as SVG and import into AI.

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Yes, although it’s worth adding/pointing out that the “File” > “Export As…” menu item doesn’t become active until a “Layout” view has been created from the “Pieces”, which also need to have also been generated from the initial “Draft” of the pattern.

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Hello & welcome, @CHINYERE

You can export directly from Piece mode:

Illustrator should also be able to open PDF, but I haven’t tried it yet. I just work with SVG.

Hi Grace! I am new to the platform and saw how much feedback you give. I have a few questions about outsourcing pattern making and then also one on one learning but could not figure out how to message you directly. Can you email me? Lpass419@gmail.com Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome to the Seamly2D forum, @Lydiapass

To message someone directly, just click on their name & select Message. It will bring up the same type of message box as it does on the forum but it will automatically fill in the intended person’s name.