Error message "Can't find point XY in list"


From this morning when I click on any point of my pattern I get this error message “Can’t find point XY in list”. Indeed the list is quite short but I’ve never deleted any construction point on this pattern. It seems the software cannot find the current points on the pattern. I use the basics blocks from Seamly 2D

Thank you for your help !



This normally happens when 2 arcs no longer meet to create a point because of the measurements changing. I can’t find C18a on the original pattern. Can you please direct message me with your pattern and measurement files so that I can see where it’s going wrong?

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Thank you Grace,

Yes sure I can share. But the C18a point is just below the error message in my pattern.


What build version are you using? If it’s an older version it may have been fixed. If I’m correct, it’s an issue in the Property Editor, where it’s not finding the point to fill a combobox. If you’re using a current release, then there’s an issue I need to look at… for which it would be handy to have your pattern or to at least know what tool type c18a is.


Hello Douglas

I’m using this version


Ok. That’s a pretty current version. Can you provide you pattern (and any measurement file) so I can take a look?

BTW… if you click the image tool button, it will copy the system info to the clipboard and you can just paste it into a post here. For ex:

Seamly2D version: Seamly2D
Build revision: Git:bcb817291b40
Build date: Built on Mon Apr 22 2024 at 00:13:23
Qt Version: 5.15.2
CPU: x86_64
Compiler: MSVC 2022 64 bit
CPU: x86_64
OS: Windows
OS Version: 10
Locale: en_US
Country: United States
Language: English
Script Name: Latin
Decimal Point: .
Negative Sign: -
Positive Sign: +
Direction: Automatic
System Codec: System
Arguments: D:\Github\build-about_dialog-release\src\app\seamly2d\bin\seamly2d.exe
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