Error parsing file on reopening - can anyone retrieve it?


It appears that my file has corrupted after my most recent save. I think the issue is in the detail level, which I don’t mind losing. Can anyone help me retrieve a working copy? I’ll save backups in the future. sarahlonglinebra.val (40.1 KB)


Without the .vit I can’t check that it’s working now, but here’s the file with all the <detail> sections excised in a plain-text editor, so hopefully it is at least usable now: sarahlonglinebra.val (27.4 KB)

If you’d like someone to see if it’s fixable, or if it’s not yet usable you’ll need to post the .vit as well.

Happy drafting!



Well… we could create a measurement file from the pattern file (Measurements->Import from a pattern), but since in this case all the measurements are custom variables with abbreviated names, it’s hard to even guess a measurement to fill in for each one. If “known” measurements or more descriptive names were used, one could determine a reasonable value based on the name… at least to test the pattern out.

For example… @HE_W does nothing for me… where as something like low_bust_to_waist is self explanatory - as are most of the known measurements.


I didn’t know that was necessary, sorry. Here is the measurements file. sarah38regularmeasurements.vit (1.6 KB)


Hello & welcome to Seamly2D forum, @sezmckelvey

Thank you, yes, the measurements are specific to your pattern. My measurement files may not have the same measured areas used in your pattern, so it would take an additional hour or 2 to create something that more-or-less resembles what you are working on just to see exactly what the error is.

I’ve removed the pattern piece that created the error (so you will need to create it again) & here is your file back:
sarahlonglinebra-a.val (40.1 KB)