Error parsing file

Hi, I was getting error formula error and I can’t open my pattern. If I clicked fix formula, it leads to my tape but the tape is blank.


It started when I tried to change the value of my measurements, so I clicked edit current measurement but the tape wasn’t opened. Then I manually open my measurements, edited and saved it. After that there was a notification that the measurements was changed and it would be sync. Suddenly I was getting that error and it closed suddenly. What’s wrong? Please help. I’ve attached my pattern and measurements.

master pattern.val (13.7 KB)

measurements doll.vit (3.5 KB)

Somehow, your pattern lost its measurements file.

And after putting the measurements file back, it looks very strange, but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out :wink:

master Doll pattern-changed.val (13.7 KB)

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Thank you very much! I didn’t know how to put my measurements back, it frustrated me.

Looks like the cbl measurement is in cm while others are in mm that’s why it looks stretched. :smile:

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I’m wondering how it got lost in the first place :grinning:

I wonder how that happen too :sweat_smile:

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No. It’s showing you the Variable Table… which is blank because (somehow) the pattern lost the reference to the measurement (.vit) file.

Anytime you manually edit the XML files directly you run the risk of mucking things up… always make a backup before attempting to edit a .val or .vit file.

Yes… the pattern file is in cm…


while the measurement file is in mm:


So it would be off by a factor of 10. You can edit one or the other to match.

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