Export from Draw Mode?

It’s not very important to be able to do… But I recently learned you can export not just from layout mode, but also from draw mode. Is it also possible to export from draw mode? I’m only asking, because I’m working on a new sleeve drafting technique and I’m not really sure how to duplicate the portion of the sleeve from the bodice onto the sleeve piece. It’s got me a bit stumped.

I do not see an option to export from Draw Mode, but I ran into an issue when exporting directly from “details” mode. When I went to print the exported .svg file (from “details” mode), the pattern was just ever so slightly smaller than the actual measurements (by about 3/32" of an inch) making the print in-usable. So I went back to using the .svg export from the “layout” mode and there is no measurement discrepancy. I am not sure if the scaling issue has to do with the fact that the export in layout is being assembled for printing first before the export. But I know it cost me a lot time to realize that the two exports are not the same.

@ronanletiec, I believe here is another issue related to scale incompatibility

@neverthejetsetter could you upload your vit and val file and tell us which version of Valentina do you use?

We should add an issue in the github issue tracker (scaling issue when exporting the detail to SVG)

I have been exporting several files from layout mode and I have not had any scale errors. I am getting them true to size.