Export to gcode

Dear developers:

Is it possible to export a gcode file in order to use a CNC laser cutter?

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Not at this time. You can export as a dxf which you may be able to convert to g-code.


I assume gcode is one of the marking features which you are hoping to implement into the Seamly project sometime, yes?

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We can hope. :slight_smile: I’d only be speculating to say yes we can add G-Code support. Besides theres a bunch of bugs I’d like to clean up first as well as adding some other more useful features before addressing this issue. I think support for lazer/ computer cutting might need further work - be it dxf or G-Code in dealing with handling element layers as to what to cut or not cut. I’ll have more to say on this when I look at repurposing the “groups” tool.


Was doing a little reading on g-code while eating lunch… another option is exporting a pattern as an svg and converting that to g-code. Also Inkscape has a g-code extension “gcodetools” to deal with g-code.

Cheers. :slight_smile: