Exporting Tiled PDF

Hello! I just finished my first pattern and now I am trying to export it as a pdf. I have it set up to print as a tiled pdf correctly, but I was hoping to save it as a tiled pdf on my computer (instead of having the whole document on one large pdf page). Is there a way that I can export a tiled pdf? Thank you!


What kind of computer do you use? I know that in Ubuntu Linux there is a dropdown near the top of the print window to choose the printer used to be Print to File (PDF). I assume that the same is true for all the others as well.

I hope this helps!


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If you go to “File” → “Print” → “Print tiled PDF” there should be a drop-down where you can choose the printer. Here select “Print to PDF”, that should do the trick.


Or, while in Layout mode you can simply select the Export tool button, export@2x select tiled pdf as the format, edit your filename, and press Save. BTW… once you use the Export dialog, it will remember the last format you used, so if you’re always exporting the same format, you don’t have to change the format field.


I’ve just been trying to save a 6 page pattern to PDF and had this problem:

  1. Exporting from piece mode - it doesn’t give me the option to save it as individual pages that will later be printed. It only saves it as 1 page with the full pattern on it. From there, one needs to print it to PDF again using the Tiled option in Acrobat Reader. This does work, but there’s no way of knowing which page belongs where as there are no other markings on the page - you have to match up the lines.

  2. Exporting from Layout via Menu > Print Preview > Tiled Preview works beautifully as always, after I’d adjusted the margins, etc.

Correct. The Tiled PDF export option is not available in Piece Mode - for reasons beyond the scope of this topic. If you need it tiled, export from Layout mode or the File-> Export As menu.

Of course there are other options to import the full sized PDF into some other apps, and print it tiled.


There’s an online app that’s very helpful and easy to use. It’s called Docuslice.

You can import a PDF file or images. Then export it as PDF in tiled format. This app is available online at docuslice.com. Also downloadable in Google Play and Apple App Store.

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Hello and welcome to the forum, @jlachica

Thank you very much for the link. I’ll most certainly check it out.

Thanks for the link.

Currently we can export a tiled pdf from a layout created in Layout mode, but I’m working on adding a tiled pdf as an export option in Piece mode. Which will be one step closer to eliminating the Layout mode entirely.