Exporting with seam allowance

I finally got the seam allowance but when I tried to export the svg file, the seam allowance disappear. Even the layout doesn’t have the seam allowance. It is there on the details. How do I save with the seam allowance. It exports perfectly to .AI but with no seam allowance.

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Hi @Shrymp. I tested this on one of my test patterns and it seems to work fine when I open it in Inkscape. - I don’t have Illustrator on my laptop:


As you can see, the seam allowance is there.

Can you please send me your .val (pattern file) & .vit/vst (measurements file) so that I can test it? Also, please let me know what OS you are using.

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Hi Grace, Since I am still in the learning phase, I deleted my sample and started a new pattern. The pattern works flawless. It must of been something I did on my end. My new pattern works flawless. Even though I I hid the main path and saved, the seam allowance shows up on illustrator. But, when I ungroup it, I can delete the main path so I am excited about what I can do with seamly2.

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