Feat: New options to toggle view of pattern piece elements

I added some new options to toggle the view of Pattern Piece elements.

Added action item to toggle Seam Allowance in Piece mode. This is a global toggle, and will toggle the seam allowance for all pieces. The action has the keyboard short cut of V, S.



You can set the setting in the Prefs, which will be toggled by the menu or toolbar. Also note that in keeping with AMAA / DXF terminology, I changed the term “main path” to the more meaningful “seam line”.


I added and updated some of the icons:


  • Seam Allowance seaml_allowance@2x
  • Pattern Label pattern_label@2x
  • Piece label piece_label@2x


  • Paths paths@2x

  • Anchor Points anchor_point@2x

  • Notches notches@2x

  • Labels labels@2x

Changed the term “Workpiece Tool” to “Pattern Piece Tool”. Again note that “Hide main path” is now “Hide seam line”.


Now for a big addition… I added a context menu to the pattern pieces. You can now locally toggle piece elements from the menu (or with key short cuts) without having to open and navigate the Pattern Piece Tool dialog.


Note that hiding the seam line is only valid if there a seam allowance, so the hide toggle is greyed out when the seam allowance is hidden - otherwise both would not be visible, Also note you can now easily rename the piece. Selecting rename pops up a rename dialog.


Also the status bar will display changes made to the piece. I did that because some changes are not readily apparent without some feedback - such as Forbid flipping.


Now, as an aside, as I worked on the issue with one of Grace’s patterns, I discovered a few anomalies with the Seam allowance tool. Anomaly #1. If you have internal paths and hide the seam line, the paths do not extend to the cut line - which is generally the proper way to show darts or pleats. Not a big deal, but something for me to think about fixing.


Anomaly #2… a bit more annoying, but generally not a big deal, and within the tolerance of sewing accuracy. This anomaly occurs when the seam allowance is not properly calculated in an instance such as in the pleats along a diagonal as shown here:


The pivot points on the allowance (cut line) should extend as shown by the red lines. The green line represents how it should connect. This occurs due to assuming an even seam allowance all around the piece. Changing the angle type does not fix the problem - one type even creates some artifacts. Again probably not a big deal

For Grace: I also noted an error in the pattern… Point A80 is not the correct node… should be A70. :slight_smile:



Ha-ha, thank you, it’s just not included in the pattern piece, I need to fix it there. Node A80 is for the facing. Those pleats aren’t in a good direction either, still need to spend some quality time on them before truing them. :rofl: I’m just really happy that this pattern has helped you with the Seamly development.

Here is an updated pattern with the correction: Basic Blouse with New Resizable Sleeve.val (94.3 KB)

Well done with all the new improvements. They look great! :star_struck:

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I’m loving the idea of changing names without having to navigate to the Label tab of the piece dialog! (It would also be nice to be able to do it from the piece sidebar, &or to be able to focus on the piece via the sidebar.)

Does that play well with when the seam allowance is included in the basic draft? I seem to recall a while back someone having trouble with Seamly2D’s lack of refinement in that area.

All these updates are looking amazing from my box!

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I plan on improving the piece sidebar dock… figure I’ll do that as a separate issue. I’ve found that I have a habit of making too many changes at a time, which then makes it harder to resolve conflicts when merging the current develop branch before pushing a new branch.

This is just a terminology change in the dialogs… it was called “Hide main path”… changed it to “Hide seam line”. From a programming perspective main path has meaning… not so much to sewers.

Yes… I still need to unravel how RT implemented the seam allowance, so I can resolve the issue of displaying a seam line IF the seam allowance is built in. In other words a negative seam allowance. Currently the hide seam line has been greyed out if there is no seam allowance or it’s built in. Theoretically we should be able to display a seam and cut line if the allowance is built in or not, and hiding one should exclude hiding the other. In other words it makes little sense to hide both.

I’ve also wanted to be able to toggle the anchor points, and not just when the Anchor Point tab is selected. Just couldn’t figure out at the the time how to grab the list of points in the mainwindow class where the view menu and toolbar is set. Would love to see a Venn diagram of all the connections between the app’s classes. Lol


Hi Grace. I have been away paying attention to many non-seamly related things for a while and am now paying attention again. I plan to do some patterns that I will share on the seamly cloud if it still exists. I would like to take a look at your blouse pattern and wonder if you have posted “Universal Chart Measurements.vst” publicly anywhere. If you have, please tell me where. If you have not, could you post it here? Thanks.

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It’s a good pattern to test with, as it makes use of a lot of the tools and the multisize. Plus I usually just pick the last used recent file. :slight_smile:

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