Feature available: Filter lists by keyword in function wizard

As an exercise to familiarize himself with Qt and Valentina, my partner created a new feature for me. It is a text box that filters the lists in the function wizard based on the keyword I enter. I find this useful, as my list of measurements and list of lines is often long and difficult to inspect by scrolling.

Is this feature desirable? If so, should I create a ticket or a pull request?

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Please, create both. This is really helpful feature, especially because you find it useful.

This is a really useful feature! I often have a long list of lines and points and would appreciate a search field very much :slight_smile:

Ok, great. Issue #581 is ready to be reviewed and assigned.

I provisioned a proper workstation for Koranin last night. I imported the code style configuration into Qt and will review the pull request process with him. We’re both new to Mercurial, but I understand from the wiki that he should create his own fork, commit his changes to his own feature branch and submit a pull request to the master feature branch. Is this the correct workflow?

Also, looking at the road map, we’re very motivated to help with the remaining tools under the v.0.5.0 heading, especially grainline layout for fabric and passmarks since these two features will add the most value to overall garment design and production workflow.

I think Bojan is continuing to work on grainline, but it looks like passmarks (#157) is currently unassigned. Koranin and I are happy to work on this issue. I realize we’re new to the project, but Koranin is a very experienced developer and I have a solid understanding of patternmaking. I think we’re up for the challenge.

Alternatively, if someone else is giving this issue their attention we can focus on other components.

@rsskga, sorry for delay. Usually i answer a lot faster, but you should take into account my local time GMT+3.

If you have code you can send me a pull request.

Almost.:slight_smile: Recommended way is make a pull request from your feature branch to master develop branch.

Mercurials’ named branch says for me later that changes in feature branch unstable or incomplete. But if they were merged to develop you share changes with all.

This is great. All you need is to wait my Detail tool redesign. I am working on it.

Yes, if all go according to my plan you will have good base to add this feature very quick. I decided not to post my ideas how to make redesign, just show it.

You should know that right now Detail tool is the weakest part of the workflow. And i will take some time to redesign it. But after redesign creating passmark, marker or other stuff will be a lot easier.

So, i don’t say no. I am saying wait and i will make it a lot easier.

I understand time zone constraints. We are GMT-8. Our schedules are erratic, but we’ll respond as timely as we can from day to day.

Ok, great. We will make pull requests from the forked feature branch to the master develop branch.

The Detail redesign sounds exciting! We’ll look for another issue to work on in the meantime. It will be good to practice the workflow with some small simple commits. Thanks!


Yes, this is good plan. :slight_smile: