File doesn't open any more

Please help me. I can’t get my file open. I believe it’s the lineColor witch I choose in one point. When I try to open file there opens Critical Error -window:

What can I do to get it open?


Hello & welcome to the forum, @laurann

I’m not too sure what’s happening here, so I think @Douglas should have a look. In the meantime, can you please let us know what OS you’re using and which version of Seamly2D you have installed? You’ll find the version in the Help menu > About. Please post a screenshot of it.

Thank you.

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I can see the problem right away. The line color “ByGroup” is for a future feature… thought I had it disabled in the combobox while back porting from my fork.

To fix it will require editing the vit file. Make a copy! Then replace any “byGroup” with “black”.

Or you can post the file here and I can fix it.


I’m not sure either… or more specifically why the “ByGroup” item is showing in the combobox at all - it shouldn’t be??? It doesn’t show for me in the Windows build.


It’s showing in my Linux build:

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Here is my vit file:

Omat_housut.vit (2,0 Kt)

My OS is Windows10 (latest version) and Seamly2d version is

TIA to all of you :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile: I get it fixed and now it opens.


Must be one of those linux differences. The By Group item is supposed to removed dynamically from the list for now. I’ll just remove the definition and add it back when I need it.


I’d think that it might just be a Linux thing, but:

In any case completely removing it will work, though I can see why that wasn’t your preference.

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Well what I did was introduce a new ColorComboBox widget class (with the Preferences update) to be able to easily promote a simple combobox in all the dialogs. Once I get to it, one of the color options will be to set a tool to it’s group color - By Group. The trick is trying to decide how much back ported code I can leave in, until I can get Seamly2D caught up. I’m also trying to limit how many times the schema is updated so I’m trying to sneak in some attributes now, that won’t require another schema conversion later. Try loading the old Timo shirt pattern, and you’ll see what I mean by how long it takes to load as it cascades through each conversion.