File format specifications

I have created a wiki page to hold file format specifications (or pointers to them) as they are deveoloped

Please see also the talk page at

as a place to post technical discussion as the specification is developed.

The forum may be the place for the quickest response but it is not always the way to reach everyone who should be included


@KeithFromCanada I have no idea how familiar you may be (or not) with use of a wiki, but I want you to note that there are two tabs that you can use to toggle back and forth between the content page and the talk about the content page on any (all?) wiki pages

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Thanks for starting this topic and the wiki page.

Elsewhere I started a topic about an import filter for Inkscape, getting the relevant file format supported in that tool would need a well written formal specification. (From my understanding it would need something approaching the W3C specs level of detail. :cold_sweat:)

BTW having a format specification for “as yet unnamed pattern design suite” could also be used as the basis for anyone that wanted to work on generalizing it into a “Parametric Vector Graphic” format, building on SVG and other technologies… :sunglasses:

There were several people from W3 and Creative Commons who were involved in the initial discussion for open source pattern design in 2010 in Brussels. When this code base settles out, when we hit version 1.0, we will probably receive a lot of support for an XML name space, the measurement file definition format specification, the pattern file format specificaiton, etc. At that time it would be appropriate to approach other projects about importing pattern files for display.

Sounds great! IMHO having some interface specs where it makes sense, like where we would define an API or a file interchange with some project independent of this one makes real sense

Threw up a skeleton.


…and then realized just how wrong that sentence looks. :grin:


I wasn’t going to say anything :slight_smile:

The file that seems to contiain the ifile format data is this one:

vmeasurements.cpp (29.8 KB)