File frozen

file freezes on this screen. can’t cancel or undo or click anything.

also can’t quit. what can i do?

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Hello, @emilyli

Can’t you even click on the red X at the top left? If you can, then don’t save the file, otherwise the error will be there when you open the file again.

If you can’t, on Windows, I open the Task Manager, which is in the same place as the CPU graphs, find Seamly & then close it from there (End Task). I don’t know what the instructions are on a Mac.

i was finally able to close that window but am now left with the other one. i guess i will have to force quit.

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Can you click on Undo?

nope. i force quit and it seems to be fine now. thanks!

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The prompt indicates that a point name that has dependencies has been changed, and has broken one or more formulas. Why it locked up I have no clue. I wish I had a mac so I could try and debug some of these issues.

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