File is slow when working on it

Hi!! Not sure if the topic would fit better here or in the Pattern section, I think this is the better one, sorry if not!!

Anyway, I have a file that is getting SUPER slow while working on it. The file is a basic tunic so there is not that much formulas or stuff like that. I actually have patterns more complex than this one.

The thing is that when I try to open it, it opens like 2 to 3 minutes after I click. And every new movement I do, no matter if I click a line or change color or anything, it delays up to 7 minutes to function or display changes.

I thought it was that my version of S2D was old so I downloaded it again, but it didn’t solve the problem. I opened other patterns to see if they were all having issues or it was just this one… And it is just this one.

I also did a copy to see if that worked, but no :frowning:

I mean, I might do the entire thing again so avoid the problem, but I’m still wondering what is happening so I try no to get that kind of reaction again.

Some thoughts of what might it be??

Thank you in advance!!


Hello and welcome to the Seamly2D forum, @carocas

I’m wondering what OS you’re on.

I’m on Windows 10 and had a similar problem yesterday but not as intense as yours sounds. I was busy making a pattern and after a bit it started slowing down a bit and, out of the blue, it tossed an exception error at me & closed. I tried to open it again & it gave me an error on line 1, column 1. I opened it in notepad ++ and discovered that it was a totally blank file.

Nothing at all! Not even a teeny bit for a backup!

I eventually checked the space on my laptop and discovered that I had 0 space. I had to do some housekeeping and find some space and restart my pattern from scratch.

Please check your space available. Also check what other apps you have running. And if these aren’t a problem, please let us know what OS you’re working on and if you don’t mind, send your pattern & measurement files so that we can test to see what’s happening.

Thank you.

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Hi @carocas!

Thanks for reporting this problem.
Can you share your file (*.val & *.vit) with us so we can use it to troubleshoot?
If you don’t want to share publicly, just send it to me, @Grace, @Pneumarian, or @Douglas as a private message.



Hi!! Thank you so much for replying!

I tried closed all my other apps to work just on that file but it was still slow. I will send the file to you by PM :slight_smile: !!

@Grace I forgot to reply, sorry! I have Windows 10 Home and still plenty of space available

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For anyone who found this question and has the same problem and need to know what to do!

I sent by PM to the team the pattern I had problems with. They helped me to search what might be the issue. What worked with my problem was to delete Pattern Pieces. It made the file easier to work on, maybe that could also help you.

Thanks again to everyone! Grace, you saved me to start from scratch xP


You’re very welcome, @carocas

But now @Douglas has solved this problem. It turns out that 2 nodes were switched around at the time of creating the largest pattern piece. By simply re-ordering these 2 nodes, the pattern is now working normally.

image image


Thank you very much, @Douglas

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My pleasure. Not quite sure why the “loop” in the path made the app slow down so drastically? It’s not like I haven’t done the same thing… but not with the slow issue. Don’t know if it’s the size of pattern, or the complexity? Those 2 nodes were mirror points. More baffling though is just even trying to move the nodes with the up / dn buttons caused a drastic slowdown. Which tells me that as soon as you click up / dn it might be reparsing again. What could help there in general is putting a timer in where it doesn’t start parsing until you stop clicking or moving the node for a fraction of a second. So instead of click - parse - click - parse - click parse it’s click - click - click - pause - parse.


Ouch! I don’t have any suggestions :grin: I’ve made a mental note of this happening, so I hope I remember if it comes up again.