Find basic pattern to start

D’accord merci beaucoup

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hi ,12 year ago i was in your place looking for logical way to draft patterns…so i came up with my own way to draft patterns…i just started unloading them on youtube,but you can still check my books too


Hello @Chareve.

I apologize for the delay in my response. The pattern sharing is currently available at I apologize for any confusion with the incorrect address provided at the top. This is a screenshot of what you should see when you visit that page.

Bonjour @Chareve.

Je m’excuse du retard dans ma réponse. Le partage de modèle est actuellement disponible sur Je m’excuse pour toute confusion avec l’adresse incorrecte fournie en haut. Ceci est une capture d’écran de ce que vous devriez voir lorsque vous visitez cette page.

You may register there with your own free account. @MrDoo has set up a group for all members of this forum and you will be automatically included. Please let me know after you have success with creating your account and I will be happy to be of further assistance.

Vous pouvez vous y inscrire avec votre propre compte gratuit. @MrDoo a mis en place un groupe pour tous les membres de ce forum et vous serez automatiquement inclus. Veuillez me le faire savoir après avoir réussi à créer votre compte et je serai heureux de vous aider davantage.


You may need to use your browser scroll button to view the second part of the page, which looks like this

Vous devrez peut-être utiliser le bouton de défilement de votre navigateur pour afficher la deuxième partie de la page, qui ressemble à ceci

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Bom dia! Alguém possui atualização para o link abaixo?

Fiz o cadastro no mas só encontrei 1 public pattern. Como faço para encontrar grupos e participar deles?

Essa ferramenta do está sendo utilizada por vocês?

Desde já agradeço a atenção. Abraços Aline

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Hopefully this thread: Pattern share website user registration has the pattern-cloud information you’re looking for.

GT: Esperançosamente, este tópico: Pattern share website user registration tem as informações de nuvem padrão que você está procurando.

I can’t remember what I had to do to have 18 shared patterns in the shared list.

GT: Não me lembro o que tive que fazer para ter 18 padrões compartilhados na lista compartilhada.


Funcionou! Obrigada! Como faço para contribuir adicionando moldes?


Bonjour, j’ai le même problème que vous, c’était en mai, on est en novembre… Avez-vous pu résoudre ce problème ? Je me suis inscrite, j’ai créé un ID, mais je ne vois rien… Merci d’avance pour votre aide. Florence

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Hello @Flocw If you go to: and login, you should get a screen similar to this one:


Click on the Sharing tab and you should see this:

Open up the Shared List and you will see this:

You will be able to choose which pattern you would like to download and test.

If you are not getting the same on the website, then please post a screenshot of what you are getting so that @MrDoo can find out what the problem is and/or suggest alternative instructions.


Works for me… except IMO the way to “share” a pattern could be made clearer. I had uploaded this pattern a long time ago… and just discovered it was not shared. So it took me several minutes to find the tiny tiny tiny little 3 dot button to pop up the share dialog. A “Share” button would make more sense.


@Douglas, I’ll take a look at the way to share a pattern and improve it (I think it regressed in a recent release). It’s supposed to be a one-click option from your list of patterns. I’ll also add it to the pattern’s page.

It would be great to get some more of the basic blocks coded and shareable. I’m hoping to share the pattern school ( one soon. I’ll probably also add a feature to create a pattern in ‘my patterns’ using a template from shared patterns. I expect that most new patterns would benefit from picking an appropriate basic block as a starting position.

On a slightly different topic, I’m currently adding support for Seamly2D 0.6.1 files. I should stay up to date with Seamly2D releases. It’s great that Seamly2D is under active development again. We could at some point re-visit the notion of opening and saving directly to using web services. The most obvious advantage would be to allow a user of Seamly2D to pick a template from the cloud to start from.

I also need to update more of the walk throughs because there is now some nice refactoring functionality on such as re-ordering drawing objects, deep renaming (into formula), visualisation of dependencies etc.


Merci, j’ai fini par y arriver, je pense qu’il a fallu un peu de temps pour que mon login soit enregistré. Par contre, j’ai essayé de télécharger le premier patron (Bürehose), mais pour entrer les mesures, que dois-je faire du code court (A05) et du code de chaque mesure? J’ai essayé de rentrer l’un ou l’autre, puis les deux, mais le logiciel me dit que les mesures (en français) manquent. Je les ai renommées en français, sans succès. Désolée de vous ennuyer, je débute avec le logiciel… Merci pour votre patience et votre disponibilité ! Florence Thanks, I got there eventually, I think it took a little while for my login to register. However, I tried to download the first pattern (Bürehose), but to enter the measurements, what should I do with the shortcode (A05) and the code for each measurement? I tried to enter one or the other, then both, but the software tells me that the measurements (in French) are missing. I renamed them in French, without success. Sorry to bother you, I’m new to the software … Thank you for your patience and your availability! Florence


I’ve been working on my own with the program since the split, and once I saw that there was some movement with Seamly2D I decided to throw my hat in… didn’t make sense to add yet a 3rd ver of the program out there. So I’ve been working on merging in new features.

Sounds like a great idea. I also do audio and video production on the side, and saving a pattern to the cloud would be just like publishing a song to SoundCloud - which I can do right from my StudioOne DAW.


Coucou Grâce,

Personnellement je n’arrive pas à me connecter à Pattern cloud. Voici le message qui s’affiche image

Bonne journée

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Hello again, @Clauettedu02

It seems that Error 500 seems to be a server side error, so I can only think that @MrDoo is busy working on the site - I know that he intends to. Until he reads this message, please keep trying, I have managed to get into it this morning.

Have an awesome day :slight_smile:

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@Clauettedu02 thanks for bringing this to my attention. Please could you try accessing the site directly, rather than through translation to see if that is a factor in the error. (I’ll get around to translating the site at some point - though i’ll need volunteers as I’m hopeless at languages.)

Does the error occur when you first visit ? Or does it happen at a certain point in the registration / login process?

If the error occurs when using translation, and not otherwise, then please let me know exactly how you’re accessing the site so that I can do the same thing and fix the underlying issue.


Bonjour et merci pour votre intervention.

Effectivement il semble que le problème soit lié à la traduction.

Quand je la supprime j’arrive sur le site sans problème et peux trouver les patrons.

En revanche, avec la traduction automatique quand je veux me connecter avec mon identifiant et mon mot de passe. J’ai l’erreur que je vous ai transmise.

Si mes compétences le permettent je veux bien aider pour les traductions. Je n’y connais rien en programmation et je ne suis pas technicienne en couture, je me débrouille toute seule avec l’aide du forum. Mais si je peux vous aider dans le travail formidable que vous faites tous. Ce serait avec grand plaisir.

Bonne journée



I have updated to cater for 0.6.1 format files.

I have also fixed a number of errors with drawing complex patterns. @Douglas, I believe your pattern should upload and draw properly now.

If anyone finds that their pattern doesn’t preview properly then please let me know, there may still be subtleties that I am not aware of.


Thank you sir. Just be prepared for more changes to the schema to come. I’m working on some changes to 0.6.2… which includes adding the rest of the Qt colors, and renaming some tool types. For example the fllippingByLine and flippingByAxis will become mirrorByLine and mirrorByAxis… as well as a few chnges to the ambiguous point tool types; normal, height, and endline.

I’m trying to limit the number of schema versions by making changes only when a new feature is added.


Great. I shall do my best to keep up! Fewer versions, each with more change, works for me too. If you’re looking at flipping, there is a bug in flipping an arc by line.

You can see this live at:

Clicking the eyeball icon toggles the visibility of the wallpaper which is a screen capture from Seamly2D.

I working transformation can be seen at

(Though as I write this I realise i) I should update my version of seamly2d, and ii) there is a better place to post bugs, and iii)’s ssl has just expired )