Pattern share website user registration

The pattern share website is undergoing some renaming to match the desktop software.

The site can now be accessed at

For the time being, the site remains accessible via but we will transition away from this address in favour of the above. Please update any saved bookmarks.

The site currently has 130 registered users. In addition there are quite a few registrations that were started but not completed. I have fixed a number of bugs in the user registration area and also created resend-email and forgotten-password links. I hope that these fixes are sufficient to enable stalled registrations to be completed.

It is possible that environmental incompatibilities are causing some users to experience issues that aren’t visible to me in my testing. Attached to this post is a PDF that shows how the registration and forgotten-password functionality should work. If your experience differs from this then please let me know so that I can fix it.

Walkthrough - User registration.pdf (900.5 KB)


Here is a walkthrough for finding shared patterns, customising them to your own measurements and exporting them for edit in Seamly2D.

If your experience differs from the screenshots then please let me know what issues you experience. Also, any suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Walkthrough - Export shared pattern.pdf (641.4 KB)


And finally (for today:-) here is a walkthrough of uploading a pattern and (optionally) sharing it.

Walkthrough - Upload and share a pattern.pdf (812.0 KB)


Slightly off topic, but I’m posting this here to keep these together.

This walkthrough shows how to use’s pattern making system templates.

If anyone feels they know a pattern making system well then you can define how the terms it uses for its measurements map to the Seamly2D measurement names. You can then generate empty or populated .VIT files and share examples.

Walkthrough - Pattern Making Systems.pdf (1.7 MB)

(I entered the measurements for the Aldrich systems, but I am a newbie with pattern making and so anyone who knows better about how the measurements map, please let me know.)

(I also transposed the mapping that @kmf had prepared for the McCunn system.)

All feedback welcome!


Is working already? I only can sign on in I just wanted to have a look at the measurements-system.

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It should be.

Both addresses currently point to the same site, so if one is working then the other should be too.

Do you get any indication or message in the browser when you try ?

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No, nothing. It falls back on the normal start screen with guest user: Screenshot_2017-12-07_09-50-58

I just noticed, after a while it says session logged out - although I wasn’t logged in?

I’ll take a look later when I get back. I the mean time, if my-pattern login works then do that - it is the same site so you can look at pattern making system using either address.

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No need to hurry for me :slight_smile: I just wanted to have a look at the measurements and the systems and it worked with my-pattern. If think that’s great and with mapping exchange is made so much easier because people can keep their familiar measurements :clap:

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Hi, I tried the walkthrough “Upload and share Pattern”, everything worked, just that I could not open the pattern chose, maybe made with a previous version of the program? the error message that Valentina reports to me is: “Exception: invalid version, maximum version supported is 0.4.8” ( “Exception: Versione invalida. Versione massima supportata è 0.4.8”) I hope to have written properly, I’m helping with an automatic translator.

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It seems the pattern was created with a ealier version, and that the pattern share updated the pattern ver to a newer ver.

If this is the case… which should apply to Seamly2D as well as the pattern share… Maybe a user should have the option to save a pattern as the ver it was created with… assuming no newer pattern features are used.

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Sorry its taken me a while to get the change to look into this.

I came across quite a few evolutions of the .VAL file format during creating the pattern share website and it is designed to export patterns in the same version that they were imported.

It’s not clear to me which pattern you were using when you received the error message. If it was a file shared by someone else then it may have been made using a later version. If it was your own file then clearly I’ve done something wrong with that version. Perhaps you could upload it again and I’ll fix the support for that version?

Nominally, with a proper understanding of the differences between the file formats, I could export any pattern to any version - so long as it didn’t depend on features that were unsupported.

I think the current Seamly2D build should open any version. What version of Seamly2D/Valentina are you running?

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I’m running the, I’ve checked for updates but there is not, I think is the latest release. I’ve tried to open a file from another designer, from Laura the name of the file is “flared skirt rev.1”. Probably it has been made using a previous version. Maybe a user should have the option to see the pattern version it was created with, or download the file in the version that are in use. This would be desirable for better collaboration and exchange between users, but I do not know if it is possible to implement it.


At the top of the page is the link to the latest version for Windows. you can download it and install it

If you are not running Windows, you can go to the website, enter your email address and scroll down to below the ‘Current Stable Version’ to find the ‘Latest Test Build’ and download the last test build. It looks like your’s is the stable version.

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Yes… up to the time the project was forked. Roman has already made many updates to his .val schema which now makes it incompatible with Seamly2D.

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I have updated the pattern share website to display the file format against each pattern.

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