First sloper sewn

There really isn’t a category really where I could post my successes. So here goes. After much trial and tribulations and figuring out stuff I created my first pattern to an existing persons measurements. The system I have learned is in no way geared towards being able to be digitalized. But I now know how I can do it. I printed the pattern out and made the first sloper. I now how the pattern for this person needs to be adjusted. I might have made nearly one hundred items for her (in over 25 yrs). After fitting I duplicated the .smis file and made the required changes to it. Saved it as version two. Duplicated the .sm2d file and loaded the version two .smis file in to it. And voila, work was done. Now gluing it together takes as much time as drawing a complete pattern would take, so it is not much of a time saver. (I can draw a complete pattern in about 20 minutes). Only one hickup, one of the dots has turned black again, it is created by Tool ‘point on a curve’ which does not have a color property (only a name, a curve and a length). So I can’t even make it blue… But I’m not grumbling. Actually proud.

This is the code from that s2 point from my .sm2d file, no color attribute. (removed the < and the />) point id=“72” length=“Spl_s_t/3” mx=“-2.01083” my=“-2.91042” name=“s2” showPointName=“true” spline=“45” type=“cutSpline”

10 minutes later: I have now confirmed that the tool ‘point on curve’ doesn’t have a color attribute and always renders a black point. (The same seems to be true for the tool ‘point on splice’ and ‘intersect curves’) Win 10 ver 2024.1.29.147


You changed her measurements based on how you drafted the pattern? :face_with_spiral_eyes: That sounds… backwards.


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Paste the code and hilight using the Block Quote tool (or preface each line with “> 4 spaces”)


<point id=“72” length=“Spl_s_t/3” mx=“-2.01083” my=“-2.91042” name=“s2” showPointName=“true” spline=“45” type=“cutSpline”/>

Right. That’s expected. Unlike drawing lines, curves are 1 curve (actually curves are a string of many points & straight line segments but that’s beyond the scope here)… the tool is Point on Line, not Segment a Curve. So there there is no seperate segments, and thus no attributes to give the Point - On Curve segment.


It’s black because you probably have the Point Names default color set to Black and all your tools are Blue with the Use Tool Color toggled On:

Screenshot 2024-02-05 004831

Mine is currently set to Blue so the when the point Use Tool Color is toggled off… the point names are always Blue:

Toggle it on… and those points that have a tool color use the tool color:

Change the default point color to Black and we get this:

Toggle the Use Tool Color off again and we get this:

That being said… I could add color attributes for the Point on Curve / Splne tools, but it would only apply to the point name display. It’s a lot of work for little gain at this point in time. I would tend to bake that in when the dialogs and schema need to be updated anyways. It’s never fun updating the schema, especially if it involves converting the format.


Hihi, I just said to her: you’ve gotta loose some weight@!

Thanks, this probably ‘solves’ my previous problems with black colored points as well. I hadn’t figured that one out.

Thank you, this probably ‘solves’ my previous problems with black colored points as well. I hadn’t figured that one out.

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You will also find the same situaton with the operations tools, as there’s no way yet to set a color for the destination objects. The original dev did not think or plan for the use of color in many regards, so it’s harder to try and add it to the various tool classes, rather than building it there from the start.

Here’s the Rotate tool showing the default Black points names.

Screenshot 2024-02-05 075551

Screenshot 2024-02-05 075708

While this is a simple example, you might imagine if there’s a 100 points on the screen, and you’re trying to select all the points in a given op’s tool - it would be nice to be able to identify them by color… instead of trying to weed through all the Black points.