For kids and babys Mesurements diagram and multisize

I have patterns kids leggings size 104 cm. How i use mutisize? I want sizes: 92 cm, 116 cm, 128 cm, 140 cm. How i move them Inkscape?

Howe i get the kids/baby table Measurement diagram?

Have some videos, pictures and help? Thanks

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Hi, I can’t really help you to move them to Inkscape, and I’m thinking of doing a step-by-step tutorial to create multisize tables, since I actually enjoy working with them when I’m drafting patterns to check that the curves resize nicely.

Here are the multisize files for drafting patterns from the Winifred Aldrich book. Unfortunately, I’ve only done the ones for babies and boys, so I hope they will help you:

Aldrich Baby - Birth to 6 Months.vst (1.3 KB)

Aldrich Boys - 3 to 6 Years.vst (1.9 KB)

Aldrich Boys - 7 to 12 Years.vst (1.9 KB)

I made these over a year ago, so I’m hoping they’re usable :slight_smile:


I have that book too : Winifred aldrich. Metric pattern cutting for children`s wear and babywear. Thanks for the step-by-step tutorial.

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Thaks they`re usable, but i need girls too. How to use multisaiz? When can i got more info? Thanks.

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Ahhh… It suddenly struck me that I did something for the wiki :blush: UserManual:Tape measurements Tutorial - Seamly2D

And then you can download the ‘Quick Start Guide’ here:

A small tip… Don’'t bother with the ‘In Heights’ option, do all your measurements in the ‘In Sizes’ unless you really all there is to know about pattern making and measurements.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

The link to the Quick Start Guide does not contain any Guide, unfortunately. Maybe the link is not correct?

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It is correct, there’s a link to a PDF file in the paragraph.

And here is the direct link to the PDF:

I try to direct people to the wiki because there’s a lot of information on there that can really help them. :slight_smile:

@Berit this is a screenshot of what I see when I follow the link to the quick start guide:

. I have added a red arrow pointing to the specific link inside that wiki page which should, indeed, bring up the quick start guide that @Grace wrote. Please try again. Follow the link to the wiki page, then follow the link to the guide. Depending on your browser it may behave differently. The link indicated by the red arrow is to a pdf document of the guide. My browser brings the pdf document up so that I can read it. Some browsers may instead allow you to download the pdf document and view or print it offline. Please ask again if this does not work for you

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Haha, @kmf, I guess I should say ‘Snap’ :slight_smile:

Thanks. I was a bit too quick and did not explore that pdf-link.


I could give you a list of all the similar mistakes I have made, but the list would be too long. :slight_smile:

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