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Hi all, How to access formulas in “multisize” measurements? I can only access it from “individual”. It would have been useful to calculate other measures with existing ones (neckline width & depth, armholes line, etc.) Many thanks in advance. Kind regards,

Bonjour à tous, Comment accéder aux formules dans les mesures “multisize”? Je n’arrive à y accéder que depuis les mesures “individuelles”. Cela serait utile pour définir de nouvelles mesures à partir de celles existantes (profondeur et largeur de l’encolure, ligne d’emmanchure et de carrure, etc.) Merci d’avance Zamalia


Hi & welcome, @Zamalia

Formulas are not available in multisize measurements, only in individual sizes. Perhaps you can use the Increments for those measurements made from formulas (Menu>Measurements>Variables)?


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Hi Grace !

Thanks for your quick reply ! Actually, formulas are not available neither in the increments menus (and all other tabs in your screen). No worries, I will use the measures available and do the calculations instead. Just would like to know if there was an access I did not see.

I do not know if you are part of the development team but maybe interesting for the next amends even not urgent or essential :slight_smile: Also, would like to say congrats and thank you for this great software!

Many thanks again Grace. Kind regards


You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

And no, I’m not part of the development team, though I do wish I knew more about programming :slight_smile:

Here is how to do the formulas in Increments:

It works perfectly on my program :slight_smile:

Hi Grace,

I’m hoping to put formulas in to my multisize file as discussed above, but I don’t have an ‘Increments’ tab. Do you mean that I have to open a pattern piece at random so I can attach this multisize file to it and then the extra options will poop up? I also don’t really understand what the #Using_Formulas bit is… any extra explanation or advice would be appreciated!

Thanks so much, Hayley


Hi again, @hayleyneil

You can find the variables by going Menu>Measurements>Variables Table:


And then you can add your custom variables:

Once you have them all added (please remember that these are listed at the top of the pattern xml file, so don’t use references to lines, curves, arcs, etc.) , you can access them from the Formula menu while pattern making:


Variables are ‘extra functions’ that aren’t in your measurements file that you can add to or change from inside your pattern and are often formulas since, if you are working with a multisize measurements file, you can’t add formulas, only direct measurements and increments.

Variables are specific to an individual pattern, so no, they won’t ‘just pop up’. This is also one of the reasons that I have a master basic pattern that has all of this in it and save the master to a different name before editing and adding to it to create the design that I want, because my master basic pattern already has these variables in it, so they get saved over to the new pattern, as well.

I believe that there is something in the pipeline to export/import the variables from one pattern to another, but I don’t know when it will be implemented.

I did a bit on how I use variables in my blog, if you’d like to have a look.

:slight_smile: I hope this helps a little. Please don’t hesitate to ask again if something isn’t clear.


The term “increments” was updated to the more appropriate term “variables” since the posting 2 years ago on this topic. There’ a few other ones like passmark → notch, so keep that in mind if you’re reading some other older posts that don’t make sense.


Thanks so much! I’ll try and work through this and will shout when I (inevitably) come to a stumbling block! Thanks again