Forum constantly refreshing

It’s been a while now… perhaps a month or 2… but every time I reply to post, I get a message that the page needs to reload, and this happens very often and I lose a part of what I have typed. Is this only happening to me? or is there someone else also experiencing this?

Edit: I managed to get a screenshot:


I have it happen from time to time. I just click ignore.

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Definitely not regularly. I think I might have gotten it once, but I think my internet connection was being naughtish that day, so I wasn’t surprised. Either that, or I did indeed have two tabs trying to edit at once.


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Yes, I’ve been ignoring it, but this morning, it was crazy, I barely typed 2 words & it would need to refresh.

Já musím každou chvíli obnovit stránku. I teď jsem musela obnovit, protože tlačítko odpovědět nereagovalo.

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Instead of hitting the Reload, hit the Ignore button, then you don’t lose what you’ve typed and it comes up a bit less and you don’t lose your train of thought. :wink:

Neobjevuje se mi žádné okno takže nelze stisknout ignorovat. Prostě když přestane web reagovat, obnovím stránku.

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Different issue than what @Grace is talking about. She’s talking about when you’ve already pressed the Reply button, and you are editiing a reply when the Message window (randomly) pops up - where if you click Reload you will loose everything you type.

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I’ll try and keep a mental note the next time this happens… like I said I normally just click Ignore and keep typing instead of trying to look at what might be causing it. It could be possible there actually IS another Seamly Forums window open either on the laptop or the phone?

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No, the PC & the old laptop are off and I only do Seamly on this laptop. The phone is a glorified ornament.

Yes, mine also seems to hang up, especially when I try to like a post to say that I’ve read it or when I try to read the next new post. I also need to refresh the page before I can continue. Perhaps the 2 problems are related?

I was referring on my end, but you could be right that the issue has nothing to do actually having another forums window open, in which case the issue is even more confusing.

I’d be lost withiout my phone. In fact I was for a few days when I broke my hip as I left my phone at home. All my contacts are in the the phone, and nobody has a landline or listing in the phonebook anymore. :dizzy_face: I often use the phone to browse… but replying on the Seamly forums can be a pain as it is hard to quote and edit, not to mention you can’t run the app and do a screencap… at which point I sometimes switch over to laptop. I can then pickup writing on the laptop with a reply that was started on the phone… that’s why I referring to there may actually be another window open, because there is.

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I have everything on my laptop, so I’d be totally lost without it. And most of my contacts are on WhatsApp, which I also run off the laptop, so if it was smaller, I’d probably pop it into a pocket when I leave the house. However, I have important numbers in my head, so I can phone them from any phone, if something happens. I’m really, really dumb with phones & tend to snarl them up within 2 days of getting them.

Well for one I’m not good at remembering phone numbers so I have a card in my wallet with numbers written on it, but they were mostly landlines that everyone’s gotten rid of, or old cell numbers… except for a cousin who now lives in Virginia. I was able contact him to contact his brother here… who was able to then give me my partner’s # who I got ahokd of and he went and got my phone. I have since updated the contacts in my wallet. :slight_smile:

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