Graduted Tapes?

In some of the printed diagrams of an old pattern system I was transcribing on Wikisource, mention is made of “Graded/Graudated tapes”.

These seem to be a scaled tape based on the ratio of the stated value of the tape, to a nominal ‘base’ measure (typicaly chest or waist) on which the pattern was drafted originally.,

This can easily be implemented as a 'graduated_value_scale" by an appropriate formulae, assuming the ‘base’ tape is known. In the example system I was working with the base tape was an ‘18’ where 1 inch on the 18 tape represented 1 inch in reality (i.e 1/18th).

For a higher or lower valued tape such as “36” The ratio would be tape_value/18 (which should also work for values in mm.) . This scale was then further divded into subdivisons of eighths.

Alternatively, would anyone find a graded’ tape functionality in Seamly, useful ?

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Very interesting, @alex.farlie

It sounds very much like the 8 head system where the body is divided up into 8 sections that correspond to the height of the head. Generally, the width of the body is 3 heads wide, but this can change if the person is over or under weight.

Currently, I think one could put such measurements into an individual SeamlyME file which allows for such formulas and inches. It would be really interesting to see how these theories would work out on a pattern.